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Student Employment Office

  • There are many ways to find jobs on campus. You can check the job postings on our website You can check individual department bulletin boards, or talk to faculty and staff members in those departments. Networking is important – talk to other students who are already working about potential penings in the department they are working in.

  • RIT does not assign or place students into positions, regardless of their FWS status. Students are expected to search for openings, apply, and interview  or positions. This encourages students to gain valuable job search experience before they start applying for co - op and career opportunities.
  • You must complete an I-9 and receive a Student Employment Eligibility card, also known as an SEO card. You may NOT begin working until you have received a Student Employment Eligibility Card.
  • An SEO Employment Eligibility Card must be acquired and updated every term you plan to work. The SEO Card verifies that you are registered for full time classes in a matriculated degree program, and that you have complete a valid I-9. You must show this card to your supervisor on your first day of work each term.
  • Parts 1 AND 2 of your I-9 must be completed prior to your first day of work. You can complete Part 1 on-line,, employer code 15083. You must then bring your ORIGINAL documentation to the Student Employment Office to complete Part 2. Copies of your documentation can not be accepted. You may NOT begin working until you have completed Part 2 and received a Student Employment Eligibility Card.

  • The list of acceptable original documentation can be found here:


  • You may work up to 20 hours per week during academic semesters. If you have more than one position on campus, you must track all of your hours and not exceed 20 hours for all positions combined. You may work up to 40 hours per week during break periods (Thanksgiving Break is not eligible).

  • The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program provides funds for part time employment to help qualified students to finance the costs of college. Students can receive FWS funds at approximately 3,400 participating postsecondary institutions. Hourly wages must not be less than the federal minimum wage. RIT contributes additional funding to our Work Study program in order to increase the number of available positions on campus. If you are FWS eligible, it will be categorized as such on your paystub.

  • Federal Work Study is not getting paid to study. The primary expectation is that students are fulfilling their job duties and gaining work experience.

  • No. Even if you have been awarded Federal Work Study through your FAFSA, you must still go through the application and interviewing process.

  • Nearly any position offered on RIT’s campus is Federal Work Study eligible. There are a few exceptions such as specific grant funded positions, Co-ops, and employment through non-RIT entities such as Java Wally’s in the Wallace Library and Barnes and Noble at Park Point. Please see an SEO representative for additional information.

  • Review your Financial Aid Package, or check with the Financial Aid Office. You do not have to be eligible for Federal Work Study in order to work on campus.

  • No, you will receive a regular paycheck or direct deposit to your bank account depending on your preference. Some students choose to use these funds to make payments on their tuition bill, while others choose to use their funds towards their living expenses.


  • Students are paid bi-weekly every other Friday. Our preferred method of payment is direct deposit. The pay period begins on Friday and ends on Thursday. Example: pay period begins on Friday January 8, 2016, ends on Thursday January 21, 2016 and is paid on Friday January 29, 2016. The bi-weekly payroll schedule can be found on the Student Employment website.
  • Payroll checks are distributed by your department every other Friday. Check with your supervisor for exact distribution procedures

  • If you have more than one job on campus you will receive one check for all hours worked each pay period. Your check will be sent to your most recent job. If this is not convenient, contact the Payroll Department to change your check delivery address.

  • Be sure to verify the accuracy of your mailing address on you first paycheck. Please notify the Payroll office immediately with any necessary changes so that the address is corrected for W-2 mailing purposes.

  • Ask your supervisor whether you will be punching in at a time clock or submitting timecards. If punching in at a time clock, your supervisor will issue you a badge number. You will use this number every time you sign in and out.

  • If you have multiple jobs, you are assigned a unique badge number for each job. Be sure to use the correct badge number!

  • If you forget to punch in or out for a shift, inform your supervisor immediately so they can edit the missing punches. This will ensure an accurate paycheck. You may review your timecard in Kronos at:

  • Direct Deposit forms are available in the Payroll office – or you can sign up for Direct Deposit yourself via the Oracle Self Service application. For self-service registration instructions, go to Important Note: once direct deposit starts, you will access your pay stub online via the Student Self Service Application.
  • If you currently have direct deposit and intend to close your account at the bank, be sure to cancel the direct deposit with Payroll first.

  • Tax withholding change forms are available in the Payroll office – or you can change tax withholding (Federal only) yourself via the Oracle Student Self Service application.

  • Your employee number can be found on your pay stub. It can also be obtained from your supervisor or the Payroll office.

  • First, verify your hours with your supervisor. If you have more than one job, speak with each of your supervisors. If a correction is needed, ask your supervisor to complete a Payroll Change Form and submit it online or to the Payroll Office.

  • To change your address in the payroll system, submit a Correction/Change of Address form to Payroll. Forms are available in the Payroll Office, or on the Payroll website. An email to the Payroll Office is also acceptable,

  • Important Note: changing your address via the student system does not update your address in the payroll system.

  • Your W-2 will be mailed to the address printed on your pay stub. Please verify for accuracy and submit changes immediately.