Q:  What is ?
A:  is a full service restaurant run by the students of the School of Hospitality Management.

Q:  What is the purpose of ?
A:  To expose students to the elements of operating a restaurant within the boundaries of classroom instruction.

Q:  Is  open throughout the entire academic year?
A:  No. 
is only open for a limited time in those quarters that the course is offered to students.

Q:  Does the menu at  ever change?
A:  Yes.  Each quarter a new theme is developed for the menu at 
.  Certain items may also change from week to week.

Q:  How would I be able to get a menu for ?
A:  A weekly menu can be found on the Menu and viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q:  Are reservations required?
A:  Reservations are required and must be made through the reservations page on the web site.

Q:  Can I place an order for carryout?
A:  Of course!  All carryout orders must be made online by visiting the Ordering Page.

Q:  What methods of payment does  accept?
A:  Cash, Tiger Bucks and RIT Hospitality Charges.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

Q:  How can I contact ?
A:  You may contact us by sending us your comments or email us with your questions at

Q: Who is Henry ?
A:  Captain Henry Lomb, a founding partner of Bausch & Lomb Inc. He started the cooking school at the Rochester Athenaeum, the predecessor to RIT.

Q: Is tipping allowed ?
A:  Yes, tipping is accepted as part of Henry's students getting a true restaurant experience. However, tipping is not required and all tips are divided equally among all of the students.

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