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Tiger Center is a tool designed and developed by RIT students that allows you to search for classes, enroll in classes and view important academic information. This is a beta release and additional features are in development. Log in with your username and password at

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Fall 2016-17 Enrollment Dates | View Summer Enrollment Dates

Below are the enrollment dates by group. Within each group, students will be parsed by year level, then randomly placed in groups of about 300. You can begin enrolling at any time after your assigned appointment.

Shopping carts for Fall semester open on Monday, March 28th.

Monday, April 18th
Graduate students
Early 5th-year students* in a 5-year program*
Early 4th-year students in a 4-year program*

Tuesday, April 19th (AM)
5th-year students in a 5-year program
4th-year students in a 4-year program
Early 4th-year students in a 5-year program

Tuesday, April 19th (PM)
4th-year students in a 5-year program
Early 3rd-year students*

Wednesday, April 20th
3rd-year students
Early 2nd-year students*

Thursday, April 21st
2nd-year students
Early 1st-year students*

Friday, April 22nd
1st-year students

Monday, April 25th
Non-degree and all other students

* Early enrollment appointments include the following groups: Students in the Honors Program, ROTC, Cross-registered Students and NTID supported students, and Varsity Athletes.

Quick Tips For

Alpha Subject Codes

4-letter alpha subject codes will help you find classes offered within a field of study (for example COMM will help you find communications classes). Need help finding the right code? Check the full list online or click the Select Subject button on the Class Search page and use the Academic Group dropdown menu to filter course subject codes by college.

Shopping Cart

In order to enroll in classes, you’ll need to first add them to your shopping cart. The shopping cart opens at the same time for all students, usually about 3 weeks before enrollment appointments begin. You can add as many classes to your shopping cart as you want, so fill it with backups in case the classes you want are full when you go to enroll. While the shopping cart doesn’t save you any seats in a class, filling it ahead of time will make enrollment just a few easy clicks.

Wait Lists

If a class is full, you may be able to add yourself to a wait list in case seats become available in the future. When you go to enroll in a class, select the Wait List Class if Full checkbox when adding a class to your shopping cart. You will be assigned a number that shows your position on the wait list. Every day SIS attempts to move students at the top of the list into any seats that have become available. Placing your name on a Wait List does not guarantee you’ll be enrolled in that class, but it helps your chances.


Many courses have pre-requisites and/or co-requisites. If you havent taken the necessary pre- or co-requisites, you won’t be able to enroll in the class or add yourself to the wait list, so it’s important to validate your shopping cart to check for pre-requisites ahead of time. The Browse Course Catalog page gives you a quick view of what classes have pre-requisites within a given subject.

Minimum & Maximum Units

To be considered a full-time student academically, undergraduate students must enroll in a minimum of 12 units (credit hours) per semester. Most students can enroll in up to 18 units without assistance from an academic department; honors students can enroll in up to 25. We expect that most students will typically enroll in 15 units per semester.


After you have enrolled, you might still change your mind about a class. Swapping a class allows you to switch from a class you’ve already enrolled in to a new class. This ensures that you won’t lose your spot in the current class if the new class is full or has a Wait List. From the Student Center, click Enroll and select the Swap tab to set one up.

By Step

What You Need To Do

Ease the stress of enrollment by getting ready in advance. If you complete these steps before your enrollment appointment, enrolling will be a quick process:

Get Trained

The SIS Training Website has more detailed instructions with screenshots.

UPDATE: New SIS Access

Students can now access the Student Center via Infocenter.

Check Your Enrollment Appointments and Holds

Log in to SIS and check what time your enrollment appointment is. Look for holds—holds on your account may prevent you from enrolling. You may not be able to remove holds instantaneously, so take action to resolve them in the weeks before your enrollment appointment.

Search for Classes and Build Your Shopping Cart

Use the class search to find classes. If you are unsure of the course subject code, click select subject and sort by college using the Academic Group dropdown menu. A-letter alpha subject codes are used for all courses. Add classes to your shopping cart and create back-up plans in case your first choices fill up. Click validate to make sure you meet the requisites and don't have any conflicts.

Check-In and Double-Check

 If you have questions about what to enroll in, check with your advisor, either by email or in person, to make sure you are on the right track. Then make sure to double-check your shopping cart closer to the time of your enrollment appointment to ensure no classes have closed. If a class is full you may have an opportunity to wait list the class.

Enroll In Your Classes

When your shopping cart is all set and your enrollment appointment begins, click enrollment shopping cart, select the appropriate term, check the box for the classes you would like to take, and click enroll.


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SIS Training Website

The SIS Training Website has more detailed instructions with screenshots on how to use the SIS.