Information for Faculty and Staff


Logging In:

You already have an eServices account if you have a current RIT computer account. Login with your RIT username and password.

What You Need to Know:

Once logged in, you will be brought to the “Account Balances” page.  This is where you will find your Student Account Balance as well as your Current Tiger Bucks Balance.  Anyone with an RIT computer account is automatically given a “Student Account” even if you are not enrolled in classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have a Student Account? I am not enrolled in classes.
A. Everyone with an RIT account is automatically given a student account. If you are not enrolled and do not owe a balance to the Student Financial Services Office you will see that the “Account Balance” is $0.00.

Q. Why do I have a tuition bill?  I should have a tuition waiver.
A. Make sure you have submitted all of the required documentation to the Human Resources Office.  If it is still not reflecting after 1-2 days after enrollment, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.

Q. Why don’t I see my tuition taxes?
A. Graduate and employee taxes on tuition waivers are only billed to your RIT Student Account if you have requested this through the Payroll Office.  Any other inquiries should be directed to the Payroll and Accounts Payable Services Office.

Q. What is Tiger Bucks?
A. Tiger Bucks is a flexible spending account that is on your RIT ID card. (If you are a new employee Dinning Services will need to activate your account.) You can use Tiger Bucks for purchasing food on campus, in vending machines, and at Barnes & Noble @ RIT.  Funds on your Tiger Bucks account are continuous and will roll from semester to semester.

Q. How do I make a payment to my Tiger Bucks account?
A. In the Navigation Bar on the left click the link for “Tiger Bucks Account”.  This is where you can view your remaining balance on your Tiger Bucks account. Click on a payment method under the "Add Funds" section and follow the steps for adding funds.

Q. My child is attending RIT, how do I view their eServices account (including tuition account and bills)?
A. Your student first needs to login to their own eServices account (make sure you have logged completely out of your internet browsers) and have your student follow the instructions to “Grant Access for Parents, 3rd Parties and Sponsors” Your student can enter your RIT email or a personal email account.
  • Using a Personal Email Address- Please note this cannot be connected to any RIT account (even for recovery). You will receive an additional RIT username and password that is only for eServices.
  • Using an RIT Email Address- After verifying your student's information, you will login to eServices with your faculty/staff username and password. You will then see a drop down menu to switch between your account and your student’s account.

Q. What if I forget my password?
A. You may visit and click on the "Forgot Password" link on the left. The Student Financial Services Office cannot change your password for you.

Q. My username/password doesn't seem to work anymore.

A. You are required to create a new password every 120 days. To create a new password visit






  • View and pay tuition statements
  • View or apply for your Financial Aid
  • View your grades and class schedule
  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks and Food Debit
  • Add Parent, Third Party or Sponsor access

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Parents, Third Parties & Sponsors

Once your student grants you access:

  • View and pay tuition statements
  • View or apply for Financial Aid
  • View grades and class schedule
  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks and Food Debit
  • Check Tiger Bucks and Food Debit balances

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Faculty and Staff

  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks
  • View your Tiger Bucks balance
  • View your Tiger Bucks transactions 
  • View and pay tuition and fees (if enrolled)

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