Information for Parents, 3rd Parties and Sponsors

  • Spring early refunds ($1,000 limit) can be requested beginning 1/18/16. Please submit your request at that time. Any remaining credit may be requested beginning 2/5/16.
Parents and other 3rd parties should be signed up for their own access to student accounts. Your student must grant you access - RIT cannot grant you access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have to provide personal information in order to access my son’s student account?
A. RIT’s updated security standards require that you create your own computer account. Providing information for verification provides a high level of security to ensure that only authorized 3rd parties can access student accounts.
Q. What if I forget my new password?
A. You may visit and click on the "Forgot Password" link on the left. The Student Financial Services Office cannot change your password for you.
Q. My username/password doesn't seem to work anymore.
A. You are required to create a new password every 120 days. To create a new one visit
Q. Will I be able to set up a payment plan for my balance?
A. Yes, please see our website for payment plan options.
Q. Will I be able to check my student’s Financial Aid status?
A. Yes, Third Parties who have been granted access to Financial Aid information by a student will use eServices to review the student's outstanding documents, award letter and additional requirements.



  • Spring bill available December 7, 2015
  • View and pay tuition statements
  • View or apply for your Financial Aid
  • View your grades and class schedule
  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks and Food Debit
  • Add Parent, Third Party or Sponsor access

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Parents, Third Parties & Sponsors

Once your student grants you access:

  • View and pay tuition statements
  • View or apply for Financial Aid
  • View grades and class schedule
  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks and Food Debit
  • Check Tiger Bucks and Food Debit balances

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Faculty and Staff

  • Add funds to Tiger Bucks
  • View your Tiger Bucks balance
  • View your Tiger Bucks transactions 
  • View and pay tuition and fees (if enrolled)

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