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Frontier Communications ("Frontier") provides communications services - telephone, television and Internet -- to customers in 23 states. The company's Mission is "To be the leader in providing communications services to residential and business customers in our markets." Those markets include Rochester, New York and surrounding area and suburban and rural cities and towns throughout the nation. The company serves more than 2.3 million customers. Its parent company, Citizens Communications Company, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "CZN" and has approximately 6300 employees.

Frontier has a dominant incumbent position in its markets and is an industry leader in terms of financial performance. It has a scaleable, advanced and integrated local and nationwide network. Electric Lightwave, LLC. is a facilities-based provider with a network consisting of optical fiber and voice and data switches, is also owned and operated by Citizens Communications.

Frontier is a successful broadband provider. Current enhancements include triple-play bundles with EchoStar's DISH network in all markets, ESPN360 streaming video, security software, business solutions customized for small business and home office, and "talk and surf" packages. The company is conducting a VoIP pilot. IT's Role

Information technology is vital to Frontier's Mission. IT allows the company to profitably grow revenues through product and service sales, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, manage our cost structure to maximize operating margins, be first to market in our service areas with proven products, and allow us to establish a market leadership position as a trusted and knowledgeable communications services company.

At Frontier, IT plays a critical role in every project. On-line bill payment is being introduced in the third-quarter of 2005 in response to customer requests for a fast and easy way to pay their bills. Security software with anti-virus, anti-spam, pop-up blocking and firewall protection was recently integrated into our High-Speed Internet products. New portals for internal company Websites and the creation of new external portals will increase visits to our Websites and drive interest in our products and services. Billing system conversions to a single platform are ongoing, since the company grew extensively as a result of acquisitions and mergers during the late '90s and early 2000.

Frontier's IT group is based in Rochester, New York and supports customer service, operations, infrastructure management, back office, Intranets and Internets, email and more for the entire Citizens Communications organization.