Chief Information Officer

Steve Ward - Frontier CIO

Steve Ward is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Frontier Communications Corporation. He is responsible for enterprise wide information technology initiatives supporting company growth and maximizing operating margins.

Prior to joining Frontier in 2000 he was Vice President Information Technology at Century Communications.

Employee Testimonials

Patty Turner, Manager, Information Services - Citizens/Frontier

I have been with the company for 34 years and have seen many, many changes over the past three decades. Most have been quite exciting and my company has always provided me with many opportunities that I've been able to take advantage of. I have been in IS since 1999, starting as a Business Analyst. I was then given the opportunity to be a Senior Systems Analyst during which time, I managed several major projects and conversions associated with the company's financial systems. My Team's greatest claim to fame was the conversion of the financial applications from SAP to Infinium in 2002. Everyone said this "could NOT be done." But, we did it (with our users' help), did it well, and accomplished it in six months. Infinium is now the legacy financial system for Citizens/Frontier.

I am now Manager of the Infinium Team and our role is primarily one of support for the numerous applications including, but not limited to, General Ledger, Payables Ledger (Accounts Payable), Fixed Assets, Project Management, Materials Management, Income Reporting, Payroll, and Human Resources. Over 1,000 users access these applications on a daily basis. We work with our "super" users to address their production support needs, foster knowledge exchange, and develop customizations to improve system processing and meet the needs of the business.

Working in IS is a constant challenge that keeps me on my toes. Rules and processes are ever changing. We constantly strive to maintain that higher standard and always work towards the greater good of the business.

Nate Chamberlain, IT Manager - Enterprise Networking

I have been with Frontier for 12 years. I started right out of college in an entry level network support position. Over the years I have been encouraged to learn new things and encouraged to take initiative and expand my horizons. I was able to do so and went from wiring closet and network cabling responsibilities, to a network engineering role, and now as the Manager of a nationwide network design and support team. The team spirit here at Frontier Information Services is outstanding. Everyone takes pride in their role on the team as we search for the right solution to fill the many business needs. There is a definite sense of ownership that each team member has about their respective areas of responsibility, promoting feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment in the work. The recent challenges brought to the communications industry due to competition in the marketplace, and the associated new product offerings has made our IT support roles quite interesting and exciting. There is never a dull moment in network design and support here at Frontier, and every day is little different than the last. This variety keeps things fun.