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Organization Overview

Founded in 1829, RIT is an internationally recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education enrolling more than 15,000 students in eight colleges.

Role of IT

Technology is well integrated into RIT coursework, business applications, communications efforts and research methods. It propels ideas. It helps connect people. Welcome to an institute of higher education that values technology and works to ensure that it is at once cutting edge and, at the same time, user-friendly.

Information & Technology Services (ITS) directs mission critical computer network applications that support the vast enterprise that is RIT. Our core business is information technology service. This encompasses systems and solutions over a strong network, both wired and wireless, on an infrastructure that extends for miles. ITS has established a strategic security initiative to safeguard IT investments. Over all the systems, we have built a strong, skilled organization of people to ensure that the technology on campus is relevant and appropriate.

Information & Technology Services consists of customer-focused staff with many of its members based primarily in the departments and colleges at RIT for direct customer support. Staff positions include the full range of information technology professionals such as systems and database administrators, telecommunications and networking technicians, systems analysts, web designers, ERP staff, in addition to data center operators and specific software experts.

The CIO leads the Division and provides overall technology leadership and strategic IT direction for RIT. The units within the ITS division are:

  • Customer Support Services -This group is comprised of the HelpDesk, Desktop Support, Distributed Support Services, Resnet, and Systems Development teams. These teams provide direct operational technology support for students, faculty and staff. In addition, development and support is provided for the Institute administrative systems including, financials, payroll, human resources, student information systems, e-business applications and the RIT web site.
  • Administrative Services - This department is comprised of business and accounting staff who provide support for the financial, human resources and administrative responsibilities of ITS.
  • Institutional Research and Policy Studies -This team provides information services to the Institute community. Additionally, the team supports data management and access, planning, compliance, and external information requirements.
  • Technical Support Services - The department is comprised of Enterprise Technologies and Architecture, Data Center Operations, Systems Management Tools and Reporting, Program Management Office, Telecommunications, Network and Systems Engineering and Support. This group is responsible for RIT's computing and networking infrastructure that supports RIT's information technology needs.

Visit our web page for more information about the Division, its strategic planning efforts, project management initiatives and information technology resources: http://www.rit.edu/its

Student Employment Program Tops 316

ITS provides a pathway for students succeeding in their academic career and in the workplace. We in ITS are proud of many things, but no program means more to us than our Student Employment program. For us, student employment is the ultimate ?win-win? scenario. Students gain valuable real-life work experience, and in return they do much of the work of the division - from taking calls at the HelpDesk to developing web-based applications, look into any ITS success story and you?re sure to find the work of several talented student employees. With more than 300+ student employees, the ITS Student Employment program is as strong as ever.