Chief Information Officer

Don Reeve - Wegmans CIO

Don Reeve has worked for Wegmans for 34 years. He began as a second shift computer operator and has held various operations, technical and applications development positions. He has held the position of chief information officer (CIO) for 18 years and is responsible for the development and application of computer technology throughout the Company to include voice and data communications.

Don is a member and past Chairperson for the Food Market Institute's Information Technology committee, serves as a director on the Psychology Advisory Board for Rochester Institute of Technology and is also a past director of the local chapter of Rochester's Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

Employee Testimonials

Mary Drechsler, Manager of Desktop Services

"Wegmans provided opportunities without the need to forfeit my family life. My children were young when I started here 7 years ago and a flexible schedule was important to me. I was hired into a management position - they worked with me to achieve a work-life balance, which was very important to me. In turn, as my kids have gotten older, I have been encouraged to explore career growth opportunities within my Business Unit and know that Wegmans will help me to get where I want to go. I enjoy working at Wegmans because of the people, the flexibility, the caring, the opportunities. Wegmans is a genuinely happy and fun place to work. People are eager to do their jobs and put forth their best efforts across the company. In my job I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interface with employees across the entire company and the enthusiasm here is widespread and infectious - great people working together!"

Tony Diaz- Systems Manager, Merchandising Systems

"I spent the first 5 years of my IT career working for various Government consulting companies in the Washington DC area. It wasn't until I moved backed to Rochester working for Wegmans that I found the long term career that I was looking for. The technical skills utilized at Wegmans are the same as those required for my prior employers; the big difference was in how well Wegmans manages technology. Projects started at Wegmans are well thought out and executed to completion. In consulting, your job security is tied up in whether your organization is awarded or maintains its contract. At Wegmans, your performance, abilities and aspirations are the determining factors. Short commute, affordable housing, good schools, and family proximity help make Rochester a great place to live. Wegmans makes it a great place to work."