What can employers do to keep graduting talent here locally?
Read this article by Deb Koen of Career Development Services as she talks about her experience with the students of the 2011 Explore Rochester IT program.
Attracting Recent College Graduates A Priority

What will I do in the Explore Rochester IT intern program?

Read this letter written by a 2011 intern as she shares her experience.
Intern Testimonial from 2011

View this presentation by two interns from the 2011 summer program. This is their presentation about their experience to the Wegmans IT Leadership team.
Intern Presentation from 2011

How did Explore Rochester IT benefit these recent interns?

Kevin, 2011, Rochester Institute of Technology

"It was nice to see how many great companies in Rochester offer IT careers."

Sean, 2008

"It helped my career decision making process and in determining what skills to pick up before I graduate from college."

Ana, 2011, SUNY Brockport

"The Explore Rochester IT program is unique because it allows the student to fill in the gaps in general understanding of Information Technology."

Pedro, 2008, University of Rochester

“It was very helpful, not just in meeting new people and learning more about IT…it also helped my understanding of how things work in a Corporate World”
Zehra, 2005, Rochester Institute of Tecnology

“Thanks to this program, I was able to secure a full time opportunity at Wegmans upon graduation.”

Emily, 2008, St John Fisher College

“An Awesome Experience! I was able to learn not only about what interests me, but every other aspect of IT.”

Peter, 2011, Rochester Institute of Technology

“It seems to me that the goal (of the program) was not to provide us with as many technical skills as possible, but to instead provide us with as much of a view into their values, culture, strengths and future of their companies. Although I did gain technical ability, the knowledge and opinions I gained in regards to each company was more helpful.”

Martin, 2008, SUNY Brockport

“It was great! All of the companies are somehow different, which gives the students a wide range of knowledge.”

Matthew, 2011, Rochester Institute of Technology

“This program has definitely shown me that Rochester has a ton of opportunites for me.”