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Company Overview

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a privately-held, family owned company that was founded in 1916 by the Wegman family. Based in Rochester, NY, they have raised the bar on the customer shopping experience. The company prides itself on offering exceptional customer service, high quality goods, an abundance of choice, restaurant-quality prepared foods, and beautiful stores and displays.

Wegmans has more than 34,000 employees and offers exceptional benefits, including an employee scholarship program. They also provide flexible scheduling, a challenging work environment and caring management throughout all levels of the organization. In fact, in 2005, FORTUNE Magazine ranked Wegmans #1 on its list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Wegmans puts a huge emphasis on being an innovator in retail technology. In 1974, Wegmans was one of the first companies to introduce bar-code scanning, and in 1990 Wegmans introduced electronic discounts. The company launched its web site, wegmans.com in 1996. The site not only helps customers save time and money through its on-line ad, but also offers meal solutions, recipes, and even provides the ability to apply for jobs within the company.

Role of IT

Rochester, NY is home to Wegmans' corporate office, including the information technology (IT) department. Because Wegmans is a 24 by 7, 364-day a year business, the role of IT is critical to the success of the company.

Information technology is responsible for everything from e-mail and telephones, to processing weekly paychecks. In addition, IT employees are relied upon to maintain equipment in over 80 locations, look out for new technology to integrate into the company, re-engineer systems for an ever-growing and changing business, and prepare new stores for grand opening days. They do all this while providing a secure, virus-free environment.

Wegmans provides local opportunities in all areas of its information technology department that include information development and technical services, operations and support services, information security and network and communication services.

  • Information Development and Technical Services- primarily responsible for the development, maintenance and support for all application systems at Wegmans. These systems include all Store, Supply Chain, Financial, and Internet related applications required to support the business environment. In addition to the application support, the Technical Services department within Information Development is responsible for implementation, support and maintenance of all operating systems and database structures within the Wegmans infrastructure. The Information Development department works closely with all business units to understand system requirements and future business needs. This relationship is critical to the successful development and implementation of application systems within the technical environment.
  • Information Security- The Information Security Group was established within the IT Department in November 1998. Information Security's primary responsibility is to provide strategic direction for the protection of Wegmans information assets, such as customer and financial data. In order for Wegmans to maintain its reputation and image as a leader in the community and to assist management in making sound business decisions, we need to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and the availability of our valuable data through a sound information security program. Information Security works closely with management in developing security solutions to minimize the risks to information assets and computer resources. This involves the development of policies, supporting system administration for various company systems and the implementation of appropriate security related technologies across our vast, ever-growing network.
  • Operations and Support Services- This group is a combination of the Data Center Operations area and the IT Help Desk. Both of these areas are contained in our new state-of-the art command center facility featuring classroom style seating for 22 people, acoustical wall and ceiling treatments, and six 50-inch LCD rear projection monitors that are used to display status of our most critical systems. Our Help Desk (Support Services) handles over 200 trouble tickets per day servicing over 30,000 Wegmans employees from our corporate offices, distribution centers, and all 69 food stores across five states. Our Operations team manages job execution and delivery of services including email, daily sales reporting, retail pricing, Intranet, payroll, accounting and banking. Both Operations and Support Services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide incredible service to our employees and ultimately to our customers.
  • Network and Communication Services- This department is responsible for voice and data networking as well as installation and support of all in-store hardware. This team focuses on areas such as infrastructure planning, LAN/WAN support, bandwidth capacity, wireless security, and voice communications to all of our corporate offices, distribution centers and 69 food stores across five states. The in-store hardware supported by this team includes our IBM point-of-sale system, RS/6000 in-store-processors, Dell Windows 2000 servers, PC's, and various hand held terminals, printers, and scanners, and paging systems. Our Network and Communications specialists provide continuous 7x24 second level support on a rotating on-call basis to provide incredible customer service to our employees and ultimately to our customers.