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The Better Me program is committed to the health and well-being of the RIT community. However, don’t take our word for it!

I love the cross-training classes in the morning because it hits all the muscles in the body. Keith works on upper body stretch as well as balance exercises.
You don’t realize how much time you waste and how much better you feel until you quit smoking.
I needed to change up my exercise routine and challenge myself. Spin & Spin/Sculpt were a perfect fit for me.
I wanted to take a fitness class that wouldn’t bother my neck. I signed up for Amanda’s stability ball class and told her my restrictions. This has been the best class.
Spinning provides a good workout for all levels, and I would recommend the class as a good aerobics option.

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Success Stories

"You don’t realize how much time you waste and how much better you feel until you quit smoking" Read More >
"I feel so much better since quitting smoking. I can climb the stairs without feeling winded." Read More >
"My initial goal was to lose 50 pounds and to decrease my medication for cholesterol and acid reflux, and to improve my diabetic markers. I've surpassed my weight goal and have cut my medication in half." Read More >
"In my opinion the continual coaching, advisement and feedback I receive from the HFS and the PT are priceless. I am extremely grateful for their knowledge, patience and professionalism. I highly recommend both of them to anyone who seriously wants to make the effort and the take the steps necessary to make these changes." Read More >