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About Us

Why Better Me?

RIT introduced the Better Me employee wellness initiative to the RIT community in October 2007. Together, we can create a culture of health and wellness by educating employees about their personal choices and by providing employees with resources to maintain their good health. We care about you as a person and as an employee. Your health is precious. We encourage you to take advantage of the Better Me opportunities available at RIT.


RIT’s Better Me Employee Wellness Program will be a leader in improving health and creating a culture of total wellness for each member of the RIT Community.  Better Me will provide an innovative, supportive and comfortable environment for individuals to improve their quality of life.


The mission of RIT’s Better Me Employee Wellness Program is to provide a variety of opportunities which promote personal responsibility and continued growth related to improving and sustaining each individual’s health and wellness in the RIT Community.  The Better Me Program will work to engage every individual through current, evidenced based educational programming, fitness and nutrition services and events and resources.