JP Morgan Corporate Challenge – May 2015

The JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge is an annual series of 3.5-mile (5.63 km) road footraces owned and operated by JPMorgan Chase, with an intended focus on promoting "fitness in the workplace".  Teams are organized by company or organization, and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation makes charitable donations proportional to the number of participants.  This event is held at RIT each May.

Starting in May 2014, Better Me has put together training programs to help RIT participants prepare for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - Desk to 5K Challenge

The Desk to 5K Challenge training class is designed for participants with a fitness background and are looking to run their first 5K.  The class will include:

  • a progressive running plan to specifically prepare for a 5K run
  • coaching for running technique
  • core strength and flexibility
JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - Intermediate Preparation

The intermediate workout class is designed to prepare challenge participants with little or no background with 5K planning or training.  The class will include coaching for:

  • postural corrections
  • core strength
  • walking or jogging stride
  • flexibility
  • balance
JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - Advanced Race Day Preparation

The advanced class includes a performance-based program designed for experienced runners.  Registration for this class includes:

  • VO2 training
  • lactic acid threshold training
  • timed progressive running plan to aid in personal race improvement
  • technical training specific to running
  • core strength and flexibility
Cooking Classes

Better Me, in collaboration with Dining Services, offers healthy cooking classes that focus on teaching you how to prepare easy and delicious meals and snacks.   These meals focus on using vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish, dairy, protein and beneficial fats.  During these classes we share tips for saving time and cutting costs while having fun making tasty, healthy food that you and your family will love!

All classes are cooking demonstrations with a tasting of each recipe.  Classes are limited and pre-registration is required.

Eat Well. Live Well.

Eat Well. Live Well. (EWLW) is an eight week program designed to inspire and motivate faculty and staff to enjoy healthier, better lives using four simple “eat well live well” principles.

Participants track their intake of fruits and vegetables and use a pedometer to measure their steps throughout the challenge and record results on the EWLW website.  Individuals and teams can earn prizes along the way.  For more information, visit the Eat Well. Live Well. website at

This annual event starts in March, and start dates vary from year to year.

Flu Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an annual flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older as the first and most important step in protecting against this serious disease. While there are many different flu viruses, the seasonal flu vaccine is designed to protect against the top three or four flu viruses that are predicted to cause the most illness during the flu season.

Better Me holds flu clinics annually, and the vaccines are administered by a Wegmans pharmacist.  Participation in these clinics is voluntary.  Flu vaccinations are available FREE OF CHARGE to all regular full time and extended part-time faculty and staff.  Dates for our flu clinics vary from year to year, but are normally scheduled during mid-September.

Wellness Checks

Annually, RIT will host health screenings on campus to help employees “know their numbers”, and get engaged in healthy lifestyle activities.

The health screening includes a brief health questionnaire, blood draw, and blood pressure check.  Typically, faculty and staff earn a monetary incentive just for participating. Results include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Blood glucose

Health screenings take place in November, and start dates vary.  Multiple dates will be scheduled, and appointments start as early as 7:00 am.  Participants are expected to fast

Holiday Challenge

Celebrate a healthier you during the holiday season by taking charge of your health and weight. Most Americans gain an average of one pound during the holidays. While this might not seem like much, they usually don’t lose it, and over time it adds up.  This 6 week program includes weekly weigh-ins and incentives for physical activities.

Summer Challenge

Each summer Better Me offers 30 day challenges that encourage participants to commit to one healthy lifestyle change, regular exercise, and to try a fun new activity that they have always wanted to experience.

Program Guidelines:

  • Track your physical activity in minutes.  Minutes can be gained by attending fitness classes, exercising on your own, or tracking steps using a pedometer, FitBit or similar device.
  • Set one goal around a “healthy habit.”  Examples include:
    • No fried foods for 30 days
    • Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
    • Sleeping at least 7 hours per night
    • Spending less than 2 hours of “screen time” at home (computer, TV, etc.)
  • Pledge to try one new activity that you have never done before

All participants earn a t-shirt and are eligible for prize giveaways.  This challenge starts each June, and start dates vary.