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RIT Ready


Important information about personal safety and preparedness on various topics such as winter weather, reporting emergencies and getting help, and international travel readiness.

February 2017 - Special Edition - Phishing

January 2017 - RIT Alert, Emergency Notification System

December 2016 - Winter Weather Safety

November 2016 - Prevent the Spread of Illness

September 2016 - RIT Alert

August 2016 - Reporting Emergencies and Getting Help

March 2016 - Special Edition - European Travel Alert

March 2016 - Tornado Response

February 2016 - International Travel Readiness

January 2016 - Winter Weather Safety

November 2015 - Early Intervention

October 2015 - Responding to an Armed Intruder Incident

Individual Emergency Actions at Work

Community Emergency Response Flyer

Summarizes individual emergency actions for various threats.

Emergency Preparedness at Home

NY Citizens Preparedness