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Form Name Use Questions
Budget Entry To move budget dollars from one account to another. (585)475-2297
Journal Entry

To make correcting entries to general ledger accounts.

Note: To process transfers and to make corrections to capital equipment object codes, complete a paper form.

Oracle Financial Applications Access Request To gain access to on-line capabilities, in the General Ledger, AR, AP, Procurement, Fixed Assets and Payroll Financial modules, for inquiry, reporting, journal entries and payroll distribution reports. (585)475-2237
PCard - Cardholder Agreement Form Procurement Card cardholder agreement form. (585)475-4491
PNC Billing Inquiry Form To request information on an item on a PNC statement. (585)475-4491
PNC ProCard Change Request Form To request a change to a ProCard's name, account number or limit. (585)475-4491
PNC ProCard Monthly Certification Form Must be attached to your monthly Procurement Card statement & returned to Accounting. (585)475-4491
PNC ProCard Monthly Log Monthly log for tracking Procurement Card purchases. (585)475-4491
PNC Procurement Card Application To apply for an RIT Procurement Card for a department or individual. (585)475-4491
PNC Travel Card - Cardholder Agreement Form PNC Travel Card cardholder Agreement form. (585)475-4491
PNC Travel Card Application To apply for an RIT Travel Card for an individual. (585)475-4491

Accounts Payable

Form Name Use Questions
Cellular Reimbursement Justification To be completed each fiscal year in support of a cell phone reimbursement request by providing a detailed explanation of the reason (e.g., business purpose) an employee requires a cell-phone/PDA to conduct RIT business outside of regular business hours. (585)475-2418
Delegation of Approval Authority Certificate To provide new or updated signature authority for employees authorized to approve Invoice Payment Forms, Travel Expense Reports, and Purchase Orders. (585)475-4900
Direct Deposit Authorization AP To authorize the direct deposit of a reimbursement into an employee's checking or savings account. (585)475-7221

GRA Payment Request (Semesters)

To request stipend payments for Graduate Research Assistants (585)475-4905
Invoice Payment Payments to vendors for items not purchased on a purchase order. 
Travel cash advances for RIT employees. 
Travel reimbursements for non-RIT employees. 
Cash advances > $50.00
Mileage Reimbursement Worksheet To calculate amount due to traveler (student or non-RIT employee) for use of personal automobile for business travel. Attach to Invoice Payment Form for reimbursement. (To reimburse an employee for mileage, use RIT Expense Reimbursement Application.) (585)475-4900
Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form Used to document the participant's understanding and agreement with the program requirements, conditions applicable to their participation, and to process participant stipend/subsistence allowance payments. (585)475-4905
Pre-Approval to Engage Independent Contractor Services Used to initiate independent contractor services. This is the pre-approval form and it must be submitted and approved by accounts payable before the services are received. (585)475-2418
Reconciliation Form for Payments Made to Human Subject Used to reconcile payments made to human subjects. To request an advance for funds use an Invoice Payment Form. (585)475-2418
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification (Form W-9) To request for taxpayer identification number & certification. (585)475-2418
Statement for Services Performed Outside the United States To certify country location of work performed by the payee for tax withholding purposes. (585) 475-5582
Statement of Citizenship To determine whether or not the payee is a U.S. Citizen for tax withholding purposes. (585) 475-5582
Supplier Setup Setup vendors/suppliers not yet in Oracle. (585)475-2381
Travel Expense Reimburse employees for travel related expenses involving airline travel or an overnight stay. (585)475-7221
Travel Expense (Non-Employee) Reimburse non-employees for travel related expenses involving airline travel or an overnight stay. (585)475-7221
Wire Payment Form Request to wire payment directly to payee bank account, usually restricted to foreign individuals/vendors. (585)475-2418

Accounts Receivable

Form Name Use Questions
Adjustment Request To request a credit memo, adjustment or a write off of an invoice in the Oracle Accounts Receivable system. (585)475-5452
Customer Set Up To request a customer set up/update/revisions in the Oracle Accounts Receivable system. (585)475-5452

Fixed Assets

Form Name Use Questions
Property Control Additions / Deletions / Changes To inform Property Control of the change in status of an asset. (585)475-4933
Property Removal To be presented upon request when removing asset from RIT.  (585)475-4933
RIT Capital Equipment Fabrication Request To advise/receive authorization from Property Control to fabricate a piece of capital equipment. (585)475-4933


Form Name Use Questions

Additional Payment

This is an Oracle Online Application

To process payments to exempt (salaried) employees for work over and above base salary.

Additional payments may be made to non-exempt (hourly) employees for extra effort, spot award or job related prize only - send email to requesting the form.

Correction/Change of Address To allow student employees, faculty, and staff to correct or change their address in the payroll system. Students must also update their address in SIS in order for the change to be permanent. (585)475-2381
Cellular Phone & Internet Service Allowance To request a taxable allowance for an employee to defray the cost of home internet and/or cellular phone service used for business purposes. (585) 475-2381
Cellular Phone Allowance - Finance & Administration Division To request a taxable allowance for Finance & Administration employees to defray the cost of cellular phone service used for business purposes. (585)475-2381
Direct Deposit To sign-up, change or cancel direct deposit of payroll check. (585)475-2381 
Employee Action To initiate any action regarding RIT faculty and staff employees (non-student) such as hire, termination, change in status, rate increase, new salary distribution, etc. Human Resources
Gifts Given Form To report gifts (tangible or cash equivalent) to employees, students, and non-employees. (585)475-2418
Federal Form W-4 To claim federal tax exemptions. (585)475-2381 
Kronos Security Access To set up Kronos departmental users in Kronos Automated Time and Attendance System (585)475-2381 
Margaret House Deduction To set up or cancel payroll deductions for Margaret House (585)475-2381 
Moving Expense with Instructions To apply for compensation for expenses incurred during moving. (585)475-5582
NY IT-2104 To claim state tax exemptions (585)475-2381 

Oracle Online Payroll Chage Request

Payroll Change Form

For student and co-op employees only.  To initiate payroll adjustments for missed hours in a prior pay period

To initiate payroll adjustments for earnings or pay codes for a prior pay period for an RIT non-exempt (hourly staff member.



Savings Bond To set up, change or cancel deductions for savings bonds. Human Resources
Reserved Parking Salary Reduction This is an online application and may be viewed at Parking Office
Tiger Bucks This is an online application.  You may choose payroll deduction or add a lump sum via credit card.  This application may be accessed at (585)475-2381 
Timecard Change Form When adding a punch, or changing an existing punch in a CURRENT pay period. (585)475-5984
Time Sheet The RIT Time sheet. (585)475-2381 

Other Areas

Form Name Use Questions
Deposit ID  To deposit funds into an RIT general ledger account. (585)475-2375
Digital Den Chargeback To place departmental orders at Digital Den (585) 424-6766
Grant Procurement Approval For a PI to approve a purchase made on a departmental procard. (585)475-7762
Java Wally's Chargeback To place catering orders for Java Wally's. (585)475-4770
NTID Government Travel Card Forms To apply for a Government Travel card (NTID employees only) (585)475-4491
Petty Cash To reimburse students for small dollar business expenditures less than $50.00. Please order forms from the HUB. (585)475-2375 
RIT Photo Store Chargeback To place departmental orders at the RIT Photo Store (585)475-2505
Student Employment Hire To initiate action to hire an RIT student. SEO
Student Employment Payroll Change To initiate student changes for merit increases, account number changes, rate changes for co-ops, extension of employment and date, re-class of title, etc. SEO