Better Me Programming

These sessions focus on helping you achieve your personal wellness goals to promote a healthier living and working environment.


The Wellness Certificate Series is a collaborative program developed by Student Wellness, Better Me, and the Center for Professional Development to educate faculty and staff about trending wellness behaviors, unhealthy and risky behaviors and their impact on success at RIT. By engaging in this certificate, faculty and staff will have a better understanding of some of the health-related issues for our students, ourselves, and the resources available to support our community.

In-Person Courses

An overview of alcohol issues and concerns. Topics will explore early historic use of alcohol, the impact on health, relationships, and academics. Early warning signs of use will be identified. Resources for on and off campus will be shared.
New sessions to be announced.

Should we support or impede students’ use of technology? What are the benefits and risks of various forms of technology? Should we meet young people “where they are” or stick to more traditional methods? This presentation hopes to start a conversation regarding the role of technology at an institution with “technology” in its name. Participants will learn about national and RIT-specific trends and will be encouraged to share their personal perceptions of student technology use. Discussion surrounding the benefits and consequences of technology use will be explored and best practices will be shared. 

New sessions to be announced.

Updates regarding the Smoking Policy Task Force and the recommendations to revise the smoking policy (C16.0) will be reviewed. Current issues and research related to e-cigarettes usage will also be discussed.

If you suffer from back pain, you are not alone. In our modern society today, back pain has reached epidemic proportions and even here at RIT low back medical claims continue to trend higher and higher each year. Consider these statistics: 

  • Approximately 80% of us will have at least one episode of low back pain during our lifetime.
  • Back pain lasting at least two weeks affects one in seven of us annually.
  • Back pain is a leading symptom for physician visits.
  • Back pain is a leading cause of work-related disability, and accounts for one third of all workers’ compensation costs.
  • The costs associated with the treatment of low back are estimated to be $100 billion annually in the US.

This foundations course is a six week, practical workshop based on the Gokhale Method.  Participants will learn to sit, sleep, stand, walk and bend in ways that protect and strengthen your bones and muscles, in ways for which the body was designed. Lessons include:

  • Stretchsitting
  • Stretchlying (on your back)
  • Stacksitting
  • Stretchlying (on your side)
  • Your Inner Corset
  • Tallstanding
  • Hip-Hinging
  • Glidewalking

This is a six week course that will meet every Wednesday beginning on October 29, and ending on December 10.  There will be no class the week of Thanksgiving, October 26.

The American Cancer Society’s Freshstart program is designed to help participants stop smoking through proven strategies of the quit process.  This four-week one-hour per session classes includes information on nicotine addiction and its health implications, the immediate rewards to quitting smoking, activities to help employees determine if they are ready to quit, preparing for the quit attempt by learning from your past quit attempts, medication, social support and creating a quit plan.  Participants will learn techniques to manage nicotine withdrawal, working through tough situations to prevent relapse.  Please join Sue Grace, James Dickinson, and Keith O’Connor, health fitness specialists who will lead these classes.


This 4-week session meets 1 hour per week.

Poor sleep habits (referred to as hygiene) are among the most common problems encountered in our society.  Tips and techniques for good sleep hygiene will be discussed as well as the impact poor sleep has on work and academic performance.

Have you always wanted to work out at RIT but are unfamiliar with what facilities and programs are available? Learn everything you wanted to know about the Hale Andrews Student Life Center and Gordon Field House recreation facilities and programs through a walking tour. Wear your sneakers!

This presentation serves as an introduction to the CPD Wellness Certificate Series.  An overview of the full series is provided, and the mission and goals for the Wellness Initiative in Student Affairs and the Better Me program for faculty and staff are reviewed.
New sessions to be announced.

This workshop will explore the history, varieties and strengths of marijuana as well as signs, symptoms and short/long term-effects of use. discussion will include current trends as well as implications of the current medicalization/legalization movement as well as recent NYS passage of medical marijuana.

We will review national trends related to the mental health of college students and discuss the impact on our campus of the mental health issues of students.  Services and resources on campus will be  will be outlined as how to make a referral.  Off campus resource will be highlighted as well.

Learn a mindful whole-person approach to manage stress. Enhance self-awareness and overall well-being- for oneself, and to assist students with managing stress more effectively.

Join us for a presentation busting common nutrition myths.  Topics to be busted include, dieting, gaining muscle, food fads, exercise, supplement use, and fluids.

You will leave the presentation ready to make better nutrition choices for a lifetime of wellness.

 Attendees at this session:

- Will be able to identify common skin problems

-Will be able to communicate an accurate description of skin ailment to a health care professional

-Will be able to identify concerning skin ailments from less concerning ailments

-Will know how to characterize and ideally differentiate some skin cancer from non-cancerous lesions.

-Will understand basic treatments for common ailments.

A Practical Guide to Self Care to Avoid Burnout: Stress Reduction Didactics through Mind/Body Connection


Come for some tips and a healthy break from work to help you breath better, stand taller, and feel stronger while at work!

Participants in this session will be invited to examine various relationships in an effort to understand the complexity of relating to people who play various roles in their lives. Platonic, Familial, and romantic relationship dynamics will be explored while paying particular attention to common relationship pitfalls.  Self-esteem, assertiveness, healthy and unhealthy relationships will be covered.

New sessions to be announced.

This workshop will explore the current trends of opioid and prescription drug use as well as warning signs, symptoms and short/long term-effects of use. Discussion will include the reasons behind the increase of use. Resources will be available for support and treatment.