Better Me Programming

These sessions focus on helping you achieve your personal wellness goals to promote a healthier living and working environment.

In-Person Courses

An overview of alcohol issues and concerns. Topics will explore early historic use of alcohol, the impact on health, relationships, and academics. Early warning signs of use will be identified. Resources for on and off campus will be shared.

New sessions to be announced.

Have you always wanted to work out at RIT but are unfamiliar with what facilities and programs are available? Learn everything you wanted to know about the Hale Andrews Student Life Center and Gordon Field House recreation facilities and programs through a walking tour. Wear your sneakers!

Join us for a presentation busting common nutrition myths.  Topics to be busted include, dieting, gaining muscle, food fads, exercise, supplement use, and fluids.

You will leave the presentation ready to make better nutrition choices for a lifetime of wellness.

A Practical Guide to Self Care to Avoid Burnout: Stress Reduction Didactics through Mind/Body Connection


Come for some tips and a healthy break from work to help you breath better, stand taller, and feel stronger while at work!

Participants in this session will be invited to examine various relationships in an effort to understand the complexity of relating to people who play various roles in their lives. Platonic, Familial, and romantic relationship dynamics will be explored while paying particular attention to common relationship pitfalls.  Self-esteem, assertiveness, healthy and unhealthy relationships will be covered.

New sessions to be announced.

This workshop will explore the current trends of opioid and prescription drug use as well as warning signs, symptoms and short/long term-effects of use. Discussion will include the reasons behind the increase of use. Resources will be available for support and treatment.