Communicating with DISC

“Communicating with DISC” builds on information that was introduced in "Understanding DISC." Please note that individuals may only take this course if they have completed "Understanding DISC" and the DISC assessment. This session focuses in on how to use DISC as a communication tool by analyzing how to best communicate with each style. This course also covers more details about adapting our styles in order to best communicate with one another.        
DISC is a powerful assessment tool used to detail individual work styles and behaviors. By learning and understanding these behavioral characteristics, we strengthen our communication skills and our understanding of each other, resulting in higher performing teams and better working relationships.  
This session is private and participants must have completed their DISC assessment prior to attending the session. There are two different DISC assessments employees can take:  Communicating with Style ($30.00) and a management version ($60.00). If individuals are interested in completing the assessment, a department chargeback number will have to be provided to Carla Pennello prior to the assessment being sent out. Team-based sessions can also be arranged by contacting Carla Pennello directly.

If you require interpreting services, please contact as soon as possible.

Facilitator Information: 

Carla Pennello, RIT Center for Professional Development Training Specialist