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NTID Self Instruction Lab (SIL)

The NTID Self Instruction Lab (LBJ 3205) supports American Sign Language and spoken language skill development through individual practice. Our resources are useful for communication skills practice; auditory training for cochlear implant users; supplementing course materials; and preparing to take the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview. SIL resources can be an invaluable support to all RIT faculty, staff, and students who desire to improve expressive or receptive sign language skills or spoken language skills.

The SIL offers a variety of equipment and resources for independent communication skills practice. Our Video Production rooms can be reserved for recording videotapes in either full-screen or split-screen modes. Our spoken language collection includes resources for speechreading practice, pronunciation practice, auditory training, and Spanish. Our Sign Language collection includes resources for fingerspelling and numbers, ASL vocabulary, ASL grammatical features, technical signs, ASL literature, and deaf culture. In addition, the SIL has sample Sign Communication Proficiency (SCPI) interviews.

The SIL hours and a searchable Sign Language Resource Catalog are posted on our web site:

For more information, please call the SIL Coordinator at 475-6336.