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Employee Development Plans: Creating and Coaching for Success

Managers usually coach their employees in response to an urgent need: a project is off track, an employee doesn’t understand a critical process or product, an employee is using a system or tool for the first time, etc. While these efforts address critically important short-term needs, they do not necessarily develop a particular skill, nor do they ensure that the employee will retain the lessons learned.

The reactive nature of coaching means that managers often have to teach skills that may not be their own strengths. Managers, like those they manage, also have strengths and development areas.


By creating an employee development plan and a coaching plan, you can:

• Develop skills to help eliminate some of the time you spend “putting out fires”;

• Ensure you are coaching based on your strengths, which can immediately improve your coaching effectiveness; and

• Demonstrate your commitment to your employee’s professional success in the short and long term.


This workshop is divided into four sections:

Section I: Identify the skills your employees need to develop

Section II: Use your greatest strengths to coach your employees

Section III: Create a coaching plan

Section IV: Create an employee development plans (EDPs)


This class is limited to managers who have direct reports.

You will be required to bring a job description and a performance review from one of your employees to the workshop.

You will not be asked to identify your employee but will be working with the position description and performance review, so remove or black out any identifying information on the document before the workshop.


Facilitator Information: 

Facilitated by Bob Peter, Insights2Improvements

If you require interpreting services, please contact cpdcoop@rit.edu as soon as possible.

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