Enhancing Faculty & Staff Performance

Cluster: Enhancing Faculty & Staff Performance

Courses and programs in this learning cluster are designed to enhance individual performance and assist you in investing in your continued career, professional, and personal development. Topics are wide-ranging, such as: faculty development, time management, personal growth and development, workplace safety and environment, and ergonomics for the office.


Be a Better Listener
In this session, you will learn the factors that affect listening and how to overcome them to be an active listener and participate in a productive conversation.

Building Your Academic Support Toolkit Series
The SLSA Professional Development Workshop committee introduces: Building Your Academic Toolkit. This series of workshops and panel discussions is designed to educate the RIT community on our academic support services as well as create a meaningful dialogue surrounding some of our more commonly used tools for helping students.

Cash Handling Safety Procedures
Do you handle cash in your position at RIT? This informative, 1 hour session will cover the basics of the cash handling procedure on the RIT Campus. It will include information on opening/closing procedures and other RIT policies.

Communicating through Difficult Situations
Difficult situations require specific communication skills. Register for this session and learn what they are and how to use them.

Customer Service is our PrioRITy!
This session focuses on who our customers are and how we can best serve them.

Early Intervention Program
This session will outline the process for handling disruptive behavior situations. This session is required for all members of the RIT faculty and staff community.

Ergonomics for Productivity and Comfort
Effective ergonomic design of workstations can contribute greatly to individual productivity, performance, and comfort. In this workshop you will receive tips on how to cost effectively adjust your workstation to allow you to work more comfortably and safely. Each participant will receive a brochure with tips to use on their own work area.

Export Control
This session provides information concerning US export control regulations as well as RIT compliance program concerning this topic.

Faculty Development
At RIT, real teaching and learning is complex and ever changing! Whether you are an experienced faculty member who is dedicated to continuous learning and remaining vital and effective or new to RIT and searching for ideas and strategies to help students learn, the Teaching & Learning Center’s website was created with you in mind!

Internal Controls and Fraud in the Workplace

Leading a Productive Meeting
Taught from the perspective of the leader of the meeting, this session discusses important things to keep in mind when planning for and leading a meeting.

Managing Negativity in the Workplace
Do you feel comfortable dealing with negativity? Would you like to learn how to manage it in your workplace?

Managing Your Time and Priorities at RIT

OSHA Training
RIT has been recently designated a U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Training Institute education center for Region 2, serving New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These hands-on programs are designed to promote safety in the workplace and reduce the cost to society associated with accidents and unhealthy work environments.

Playing it Safer at the Front Desk
Unexpected events that impede our safety and security can happen at any time. It is important for all of us, and especially those of us positioned at the front desk of our departments to learn, understand and practice crime prevention strategies in the office environment to ensure the continued safety of ourselves, our students, our peers and our work environment. Join the Public Safety department for this one hour session focusing on handling red flag situations with confidence and authority.

Preparing and Giving Winning Presentations
This 2-part session helps you to both prepare an effective presentation and present your material.

Principal Investigator Institute
The Principal Investigator Institute is a series of information sessions on topics of concern to researchers and principal investigators, including proposal development, project management and compliance with regulations. The series is designed to give new and experienced investigators a better understanding of the multiple issues involved in sponsored research.

Professional Development for RIT Advisors
The Center for Professional Development and the RIT Advisors Council have collaborated to offer an exciting series of professional development workshops for faculty and staff with advising roles and/or interest. These workshops will offer interactive opportunities to learn more about our students and RIT services to better support our advisees. All workshops will be facilitated by RIT professionals with expertise in the workshop topics.
Enrollment in the sessions in this series is open to RIT faculty and staff who have advising roles and responsibilities.

RIT Accounting Practices, Procedures, and Protocol
Accounting Practices, Procedures, and Protocol is a series of 2 hour workshops designed for those individuals at RIT who are responsible for financial transactions and/or developing and maintaining department, college, or division budgets.

RIT's Building Respect in the Workplace
RIT is committed to building an environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Through role plays, group activity and discussion learn more about the importance of respect and effective communication in the workplace.

RIT Student Conduct Mentor Program
Learn more about the Student Conduct Mentor Program.

Student Advocacy Training- The Student Conduct Process
Learn how to assist students as they go through the student conduct process.

The Sponsored Programs Accounting & Regulatory Certification (SPARC) Training Track II
This series of courses is specifically designed for department administrators and other staff who provide direct post award fiscal and administrative support of sponsored projects to the Principal Investigators.

Want to learn how to manage a department or business? Lead, delegate, motivate, persuade? Conduct a meeting, speak more effectively, with confidence? Improve your communication and presentation skills? Improve your impromptu speaking? Hit the ground running as you graduate from school or prepare for your next job interview? Then Toastmasters is for you!

Understanding Generational Differences
Learn about each of the 4 generations in today's workplace.