Excel Charts and Graphs

In this course, students will learn in-depth material regarding the use of charts and graphs in MS Office Excel.

The following topics will be covered in the course:

Intro to Chart Terminology:

  • Data Point vs. Data Series
  • Axes
  • Legend
  • Plot Area
  • Structuring worksheet data for charting 

Creating a Chart:

  • As a New Sheet
  • As an Embedded Chart
  • Selecting Contiguous Cells
  • Selecting Non-Adjacent Cells 

Modifying a Chart:

  • Changing Chart Type
  • Changing Chart Layout
  • Changing Chart Styles
  • Changing Source Data
    • Viewing same data as different types of charts
  • Adding and Modifying Layout Elements of a Chart
    • Data Labels
    • Axis Labels

 Formatting Charts:

  • Selecting Individual Elements of a Chart
  • Text and Numbering Formatting
  • Fill and Border Formatting 

2-D Charts (X, Y Axis)

  • Formatting and Modifying:
    • Scale
    • Trendlines
    • Switching Rows and Column Data 

3-D Charts (X, Y, Z Axis)

  • Formatting and Modifying:
    • Rotation
    • Perspective
    • Elevation 

Adding Sparklines to a Data Range (Excel 2010 only)

  • Line
  • Columns
  • Win-Loss 

Saving a Chart as a Template and setting as a default chart type 

Using Charts with Other Applications
(Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)

  • Copying
  • Linking
  • Updating

Prerequisite: Excel Level 1 Training

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Facilitator Information: 

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