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Freshstart: Smoking Cessation

The American Cancer Society’s Freshstart program is designed to help participants stop smoking through proven strategies of the quit process.  This four-week one-hour per session class includes information on nicotine addiction and its health implications, the immediate rewards to quitting smoking, activities to help employees determine if they are ready to quit, preparing for the quit attempt by learning from your past quit attempts, medication, social support and creating a quit plan.  Participants will learn techniques to manage nicotine withdrawal, working through tough situations to prevent relapse.  Classes are informal with time allowed for discussion, sharing and opportunities to ask questions.  Classes are facilitated by Sue Grace Health Fitness Specialist and Freshstart Smoking Cessation Facilitator.  Sue also invites different guest speakers that are RIT employees and have successfully quit smoking to each session to share their story to the class members and offer them an opportunity to ask questions.

Employees are also referred to other resources such as the Quit for Life Program through Excellus in which an employee can receive Free Nicotine Replacement at no cost, one-on- one counseling with a professional Quit Coach, Quit Guides, Online Forums and Medication recommendations, if appropriate. 

They can also receive 1:1 support from their Health Fitness Specialist, the NYS Smoker’s Quit line and other community resources.

Facilitator Information: 

Sue Grace and Eileen Wolff, CWPC, CWPM Health and Wellness Consultant Excellus BCBS.  Both are trained Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Facilitators through the American Cancer Society.

If you require interpreting services, please contact cpdcoop@rit.edu as soon as possible.

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