The Karma of International Diversity: A Case Study

This program is a high profile case study where participants examine and strategize resolutions to a (once) real-world, international dilemma which involved - a thought. This particular religious thought was captured in print by a world-renown author, who transcribed it into an international, best-selling novel. Upon distribution, the thought of this book tickled the minds of the audiences in the Western Hemisphere, while also infuriating some of the greatest leaders of the Middle-East, thus leading to circular and reciprocating world-wide cultural exchange of energy and hostility affecting the US commerce, domestic security, and its sense of order. A similar ‘thought,’ and similar consequences could happen again elsewhere in the world, but with a whole new different set of cultural nuances and changes. It is likely that these kinds of events can affect the world, and ultimately us! This program helps identify how our intercultural knowledge, our unconscious bias, and thoughts about future overt actions that we might take to constructively manage the entanglement of positive reciprocating relationships.

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Facilitator Information: 

This session is facilitated by Mike D'Arcangelo, Director of Diversity Education

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