Finance & Administration

Introduction to Accounting

Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to Accounting, the first workshop in the RIT Accounting Practices, Procedures & Protocol series, is designed to familiarize employees with foundational RIT accounting information.  The role and structure of the RIT Controller's Office is reviewed as well as an in depth review of the chart of accounts, cross validation rules and chargebacks. Employees who perform financial functions including budgets, purchasing, travel, p-card administration, etc, should complete this class. In addition to providing a foundation for the Accounting Practices, Procedures & Protocol series, the workshop is recommended as a prerequisite for Oracle training classes.  The accounting manual can accessed online at: http://www.rit.edu/fa/controller/content/training

Completion of this course is required to obtain your Accounting Series Certificate of Completion.

This course is offered online only.  Follow the link below to access the course on E Learning Zone.

RIT’s Introduction to Accounting

Course Completion Criteria:

Launch the course by clicking the blue triangle.  Participants must view each slide through completion and attempt both quiz questions.  When the slide ends, the “Next” button will turn orange.  This indicates that the slide has finished and you can advance to the next slide. 

At the end of the survey, a link is provided to complete an evaluation on the course.

As you begin the course:

Perform a Browser Check, http://browser.skillport.com/bh/default.asp, to ensure your computer meets the system requirements set forth by the vendor.