Improving Trust and Transparency

This session shows a crystal clear view of the importance of trust and an understanding of how it can decline. Through personal reflection and discussion, participants learn to recognize situations of low trust and learn that these are not hopeless situations. There are actions that can be taken to place leaders on a path to higher trust and transparency.

Objectives explored in this session are:

  • Why trust is the critical issue facing most organizations
  • How to maintain trust, even when draconian things must be done
  • Local and national case examples of poor transparency leading to loss of trust
  • The relationship between trust, ethics, and morality
  • A model for how to build higher trust that works in today's environment
  • The impact of technological trends on the nature of trust
  • The relationship between trust and fear
  • The relationship between transparency and respect

Seats in this session are limited to managers.

If you require interpreting services, please contact as soon as possible.

Facilitator Information: 

This session is designed and facilitated by Bob Whipple. Bob is the CEO of Leardergrow Inc, an organization dedicated to the development of leaders. He is the author of three published books, and in 2008 was named one of the top 100 thought leaders in the country on the topic of leadership development by Leadership Excellence Magazine.

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