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Digital Self Defense

Is the Internet becoming more and more of a jungle? Are you tired of dealing with Spyware? Viruses? Phishing? Do you still feel safe driving the Information Superhighway? How do you know if your computer is really protected?

In this day of rapidly increasing Internet threats you need a leg up, a way to protect yourself and your loved ones (and your computer) against all of those people on the Internet who are out to get you.

Facilitator Information:
Ben Woelk, RIT Information Security Communications and Training Specialist.


Digital Self Defense 101

Provides a general overview of how to practice safe computing and protect yourself and others. You will find out about the threats you face online, and you will learn how to use both software and commonsense to defend yourself.

Digital Self Defense 102

Provides a more detailed look at specific preventative measures, combined with a software simulation that allows desktop and laptop users to experience installation and use of security software in a safe environment.

Digital Self Defense 103

Attendees will learn new and improve existing information handling skills. Specifically, identifying information, choosing correct means of storage, transfer, and destruction, and customizing Outlook. Prior attendance at DSD 101 is desirable but not required.