The Paper Tiger

Tired of stacking, stuffing and spreading?  Tired of spending countless hours looking for the information that you need to complete a task?  Tired of not being able to find a document that you know you filed?  Haven’t realized that traditional filing no longer works?  If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it is time to discover how Paper Tiger can solve your paper problems. 

This cloud-based tool is an indexing method.  It is a very simple, yet powerful concept, Paper Tiger is a search engine for paper files to help you stay organized and eliminate the time consuming task of looking for information you need to get your job done.

Advantages of this tool include:

  • Less time searching – find what you are looking for in seconds
  • Can be used for  more than paper – binders, books, videos, etc.
  • Does not destroy original documents – you keep the original paper
  • It is a safe and secure environment
  • Redundancy – your data is professionally maintained and backed up
  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Makes filing less of a chore and easy to keep up on
  • Access from any computer or mobile device

Additional Paper Tiger services include (separate charges may apply):

For implementing and migrating your existing stacking, stuffing and spreading system to the Paper Tiger, we have worked with Productivity and Effectiveness consultant, Ann Michael Henry at Mise En Place.  Ann Michael and her team will work with you to convert your existing, or non existing, filing system to the Paper Tiger so that you have an effective “finding” system.  Mise En Place offers a variety of options to assist you with transition to the Paper Tiger, including:

  • One-on-one implementation sessions
  • Group training sessions
  • Department wide File Clean Out Days – good preparation for implementing the Paper Tiger
  • Customized implementation kits

Additional services can be provided based on individual or department goals and objectives. 

RIT has site license for the Paper Tiger.  If you are interested in learning more about it, or using the system, please contact:Ann Michael Henry at 585-924-8470 or