Patterns: Micro-Messaging and You

In this program, participants learn about ways that they may experience or project micro-messaging, a subtle but unique form of communication that can send constructive or stereotypic messages to others (Young, 2007). Through the use of video and case studies, participants are acquainted with ways to:

  • Identify and define micro-messaging, consciously or unconsciously
  • Become sensitized to being the focus of a stereotype
  • Recognize how others treat each other
  • Help others engage in less hurtful behavior
  • Identify ways to break stereotyping and micro-messaging,
  • Model the expected behavior to their fellow colleagues
  • Facilitate or mediate interactions and explore criteria for successful responses
  • Identify ways to facilitate responses or respond to all of these challenges appropriately

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Facilitator Information: 

This session is facilitated by Mike D’Arcangelo, Director of Diversity Education

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