Finance & Administration

Principal Investigator Institute

The Principal Investigator Institute is a series of information sessions on topics of concern to researchers and principal investigators, including proposal development, project management and compliance with regulations. The series is designed to give new and experienced investigators a better understanding of the multiple issues involved in sponsored research.

Courses are offered in three content areas:

  • Proposal Development (PD): These topics are designed to help researcher understand the components of successful proposals and how sponsors make funding decisions.

  • Project Management (PM): These topics are geared to the administration of funded awards. 

  • Resources for Researchers (RR): The topics provide detail on critical themes related to research.

All sesions are open to the RIT community.


Workshop 1
Human Subjects Research - PM

Workshop 2
Working with Private Foundations - PD

Workshop 3
Budgeting for Research Projects - PM & PD

Workshop 4
Research Compliance - PM

Workshop 5
Award Management - PM

Workshop 6
Evaluation and Assessment - PD

Workshop 7
Google Research Awards - RR

Workshop 8
Overview of Research at RIT - RR

Workshop 9
Inside the National Science Foundation - PD

Workshop 10
The Federal Budget Process - PM & PD

Workshop 11
Promoting Your Research - RR

Workshop 12
Responding to Department of Defense Broad Agency Announcements