The Sponsored Programs Accounting & Regulatory Certification (SPARC) Training Track II

The Sponsored Programs Accounting & Regulatory Certification (SPARC) training program is specifically designed for department administrators and other staff who provide direct post award fiscal and administrative support of sponsored projects to Principal Investigators.

The series is comprised of five workshops and each of the workshops in the series will be conducted throughout the academic year. They will be presented by our subject matter experts from the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office.

Certification Process

To obtain the SPARC, employees must complete the required workshops in Track I (and receive a certificate of completion) within 2 years of completing Track II. After attending all of the SPARC workshops, employees are required to satisfactorily complete a competency test. The test, which will be offered online, will be comprised of true and false and multiple choice questions. When taking the test, employees may refer to workshop materials and information on the SPA web site.

In addition to workshop handouts, attendees will receive a comprehensive training manual, designed to be a reference guide for later use.


Workshop Link
Workshop I Introduction to Accounting for Grants and Contracts
Workshop II Other Direct Costs
Workshop III Compensation and Effort Reporting
Workshop IV Accounting for Cost Share Commitments
Workshop V Audits and Compliance

Annual Recertification Workshop

In order to maintain the SPARC, employees will be required to attend an annual update/refresher workshop. Topics will include: 1) emerging trends in the world of sponsored programs; 2) RIT process and procedure changes that impact the fiscal administration of grants and contracts; and, 3) current developments and other compliance and regulatory issues of interest to grant administrators. This session is a round-table discussion where participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share information and experiences regarding sponsored project administration with others.