Planning Productive, Meaningful, & Fun Retreats

Have you ever been to a retreat and wondered what the purpose was? Or, have you been part of team retreat planning process and seemed to get stuck on how to make the most of the time and the experience? Do you want to be part of a retreat that is memorable, useful and fun? This workshop is focused on how to plan meaningful retreats where participants leave feeling energized, motivated, informed and have built stronger relationships with colleagues.  Retreats can either be a waste of time or they can help truly build a trusting, collaborative team that is focused on results.  It takes effort, thought and know how to plan these kinds of retreats and this workshop will give you key tools, activities and other ideas to plan a memorable and meaningful experience for your team!

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Facilitator Information: 

This session is facilitated by Molly McGowan, Lecturer, Saunders College of Business.

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