Safety on Campus

Our community’s safety is critical to our success. Sessions in this category focus on personal safety as well as the safety of our entire campus.

In-Person Courses

Do you handle cash in your position at RIT? This informative, one hour session will cover the basics of the cash handling procedure on the RIT campus. It will include information on opening/closing procedures and other RIT policies.

Participants will learn what an armed intruder incident is and how they should respond if one should occur on campus.  The course can be provided to individuals or to whole departments, as needed.  In addition, departments may schedule a walk-through of their work location(s) to discuss response options available if an incident occurs.

This class increases the awareness and the benefits of defense driving as well as instructs participants in the safe operation of RIT vehicles. Developing good driving habits and attitudes increases the safety of everyone on campus; pedestrians and other drivers. Discussion focuses on improving the way you see and respond to what happens on the road, and why it is so important.

All employees and students who operate RIT vehicles, and/or drive on RIT business are encouraged to attend this session.

The RIT Vehicle & Driver Safety Training will not help you reduce your auto insurance rates, nor will it provide up to a 4 point reduction from your driving record.


Those who take this course will learn about Title IX, resources available to members of the community and how to report an incident. They will also learn about the reporting process and how to handle a disclosure of a TIX incident.

Additional Resources

Outreach Education and Training and The Center for Professional Development are partnering to bring OSHA training to RIT employees at half the normal cost.

RIT has been recently designated a U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Training Institute education center for Region 2, serving New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These hands-on training programs are designed to promote safety in the workplace and reduce the cost to society associated with accidents and unhealthy work environments. A full calendar of courses is now available.