Series: Building your Team for Success

Teams are an integral part of our organization and contribute to the overall success of RIT. As a manager, or project leader, it is your responsibility to stimulate engagement and motivation within your team, as well as supervise and maintain the project’s optimum completion. Many factors can contribute to the success or failure of a team or project. To overcome these obstacles, requires the manager or project leader, to employ unique skills which support the team and execution of the project as a whole.

Programs within this series are designed to develop these unique skills.  Pending the class, participation is open to managers, and/or managers with their teams.  Follow the links below to learn more about each session as well as register for them.

Building a Targeted and Focused Team: Shared Vision and Common Ground

Continuous Process Improvement for Managers and Project Leaders

Continuous Process Improvement for Team Performance

Designing Team/Department Retreats

Lean Six Sigma: “White Belt in Team Performance”

Teambuilding with DISC

Overview of Lean Six Sigma

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team