Cluster: Supervision/Management/Leadership

Programs included in this learning cluster are directed toward the development of the skills, knowledge and capabilities needed for RIT's supervisors, managers, department chairpersons, deans and vice presidents. Currently, customized programs can be designed to enhance your knowledge of RIT's policies and procedures, as well as to learn best practices in the areas of supervision, management and leadership.


Absence Reporting Process for Supervisors
This informational seminar will provide essential knowledge for managers and supervisors concerning the absence reporting process at RIT as well as employee rights FMLA.

Building and Leading an Inclusive Team
This session is designed to help leaders effectively develop, lead and support individual and team work within an inclusive work environment.

Building Respect in the Workplace for Supervisors
RIT is committed to building an environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Through role plays, group activity and discussion learn more about the importance of respect and effective communication in the workplace and among your team.

Critical Incident Management Program 101
Learn the basic elements of the RIT incident management system.

A Discussion on Leadership

Developing Skills for New Supervisors
Through open dialogue and activities, this session focuses on developing the new skills and knowledge that are essential for supervisors to understand as they begin their new career to ensure they are successful and productive in their positions, respected by their employees and become strong stewards of the university.

Early Intervention Program
This session will outline the process for handling disruptive behavior situations. This session is required for all members of the RIT faculty and staff community.

EAP Informational Sessions for Supervisors
Learn more about your Employee Assistance Program benefit and how you can use it to help your employees.

Fostering Employee Engagement

Harassment and Discrimination Training
RIT's Harassment & Discrimination Policy & Procedures is offered as either an on-line course or a classroom setting that is designed to further your understanding about this important topic and to provide a means to explore this sensitive and often complex issue in-depth. RIT has an institutional commitment to continually building a diverse work force and student body. One critical element of this commitment is our existing policy prohibiting harassment and discrimination. As an RIT employee and citizen of the campus community, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of both the policy and procedures regarding harassment and discrimination.

Hiring, Supervising & Retaining Student Employees
Get ready for our incoming student employees!

Immigration Workshop
RIT prides itself on diversity among its community members, especially faculty and staff. If you are involved in recruiting and hiring faculty or staff, you need to be familiar with immigration laws and procedures. We are pleased to offer a seminar conducted by Ms. Maggie Catillaz, of Harter, Secrest & Emery, representing RIT's legal counsel for immigration matters.

Improving Trust and Transparency
Understand the importance of trust in today's work environment.

Internal Controls and Fraud in the Workplace

LEAD Programs for Faculty and Staff
The Lead Program provides leadership development opportunities for students, faculty and staff that will help build skills through interactive programming experiences. For faculty/staff specifically, a Brown Bag Lunch Series is held once a month to offer faculty and staff the opportunity to discuss important leadership theories/concepts and provide activities or tools that faculty/staff can use with their students either in the classroom or in one-on-one meetings.

Management & Leadership Seminar Series and Supervisory Training
The Center for Professional Development has developed this series for individuals who have supervisory responsibilities at all levels of management and administration at RIT. Many of the topics in this series are required knowledge for federal and state legal and regulatory compliance. The curriculum is designed as a blend of "best practices" and current RIT policies, practices and protocol related to human resources management.

Want to learn how to manage a department or business? Lead, delegate, motivate, persuade? Conduct a meeting, speak more effectively, with confidence? Improve your communication and presentation skills? Improve your impromptu speaking? Hit the ground running as you graduate from school or prepare for your next job interview? Then Toastmasters is for you!