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Tablet Devices for the Modern Mobile User

This class serves as an introduction to the fast-evolving world of tablet computers (Apple, Android, and Microsoft). The information presented will include how to make an informed purchase for your specific needs, how tablets can make you more successful personally and professionally, and which apps are the most helpful. Even if you already own a tablet, there may be features you don’t know about that could change the way you work. An emphasis will be made on the “mobile user”. Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi, and Cellular connections will also be discussed. Tablets facilitate the organization and efficiency of your work, and this class will show you how to build on your success with the proper use of this new technology.  

Facilitator Information: 

This session is facilitated by Dan Rosica.

If you require interpreting services, please contact cpdcoop@rit.edu as soon as possible.

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