Terms and Conditions of RIT Dining Plans

RIT Dining Service Plan Terms & Conditions


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General Terms and Conditions

By signing up for an RIT dining plan, the account holder agrees to abide by all policies, rules, regulations, and procedures of RIT Dining Services. The terms and conditions of RIT meal plans begins when the account holder’s dining plan account is opened by RIT Dining Services and ends when canceled by either RIT Dining Services or the account holder, at the end of the spring semester. If the account holder signs up for a RIT dining plan for summer classes, the account will be closed at the end of summer semester.

RIT dining meal plans, meal exchanges, dining dollars, and Tiger Bucks are placed on your RIT ID card. Dining accounts are non-transferable and/an RIT ID card will be confiscated if used by an unauthorized individual. Each student is responsible for safeguarding his/her RIT ID card. Should a card become lost, either accidentally or by theft, RIT and RIT Dining Services assume no responsibility for unauthorized purchases from the account prior to notifying RIT Dining Services of the loss. To report a lost/stolen card, account holders should contact RIT Dining Services at 585-475-5228 or in-person at the Dining Services Office located in the Student Alumni Union (SAU), room A410 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. RIT Public Safety may also be notified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 585-475-2853. Upon notification of a lost/stolen card, RIT Dining Services or RIT Public Safety will deactivate the card, preventing its future use. Account holders are responsible for any usage on the card up until the time it was reported lost/stolen. Cards must be replaced to maintain access and service and a replacement card may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office. Replacement cards will be made in accordance with current policies regarding card replacement and the resident will be responsible for any replacement fees.

Mandatory Plans

Dining Services plan participation is mandatory for all students assigned to RIT residence halls, including Greek houses and free-standing with supplemental kitchens, and the RIT Inn & Conference Center.

Upon signing an RIT housing contract, a student’s dining account is opened and the account holder is immediately responsible for all meals/dining dollars used and posted against his/her account. Greek houses in residence halls and Greek free-standing with supplemental kitchens must participate in either a Greek meal plan option or any other RIT dining meal plan if they are a full Greek member. RIT Dining Services will deduct meal or food item purchases from the meal plan. An account holder will not be required to pay 8% sales tax. Some non-food items are exempt from all discounting and require the collection of sales tax. The purchase of all non-food items, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products with your dining dollars account is prohibited.

The meal plan week begins with Monday breakfast and ends with Sunday dinner. Unused weekly meals are not refundable and non-transferable and cannot be used during breaks. The dining dollar portion of a meal plan ends with the last meal of each semester; however, upon notification RIT Dining Services will activate the following semester’s dining dollar account early so it may be used during the break in select dining service areas and vending machines. The meal portion of a meal plan cannot be used during university break periods. Please note for fall semester all meals plans are activated for use for dinner on the first day of freshman move in; the Tuesday before classes begin.

Dining Dollar Meal Plans

Students may sign up for a debit plan at the dining portal. Account holders will have that semester's dining dollar selection is deposited into his/her account. With the purchase of a meal plan the following semester, RIT Dining Services agrees to roll-over the unused balance until the end of the academic year as follows:

Freshman, Upperclassman, Greek, RIT INN and Commuter Meal Plans

100% of the unused portion of the dining dollar balance attached to the meal plan and 100% of dining dollars voluntarily deposited will be rolled over at the end of fall semester. Any unused balance at the end of spring semester is forfeited.

Debit balances cannot be transferred to a Tiger Bucks account. Tiger Bucks is a separate declining balance, taxable debit program used to purchase food and non-food items in other campus retail outlets.

Changes to Meal Plans

Changes to meal plans may only be made during the first week of each academic semester (fall and spring) until 4:30 p.m. the Friday of that week. Changes to meal plans must be made online at mydining.rit.edu.

Meal plans follow the official university calendar. The first meal of each semester is lunch/brunch the day before classes begin. The last meal is dinner on the last day of exams, unless otherwise posted. Summer term starts with breakfast on the first day of classes.

Deposits and Balance Verification

Visa and MasterCard deposits may be made anytime online at eservices.rit.edu. Cash, debit, check, and Visa/MasterCard deposits may be made in-person at Student Financial Services, located in the University Services Center (USC), Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Students may verify an account balance anytime online at eservices.rit.edu or with RIT Dining Services, a cashier at any dining location, the RIT Inn, and Student Financial Services. Student accounts cannot be billed and must be paid in advance with cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard.

Mandatory meal plans  (Freshman,Upperclassman,Greek, RIT Inn)

A refund of unused meals/dining dollars cannot be refunded unless a student is officially released from the residence halls or the RIT Inn either through 1) withdrawal from the university (graduation does not constitute withdrawal) or 2) academic or disciplinary dismissal. When released from the residence halls or the RIT Inn, the account holder may receive a partial refund on his/her dining plan in accordance with the refund schedule (see below).

Dining dollar meal plans (Commuter)

If released by RIT, the account holder may receive a partial refund on his/her dining plan in accordance with the refund schedule (see below).

Dining Dollars voluntarily deposited

A refund of unused dining dollars voluntarily deposited into the account is only available if the account holder 1) withdraws from the university (graduation does not constitute withdrawal); or 2) incurs an academic or disciplinary dismissal. The account holder may receive a partial refund on his/her dining plan in accordance with the refund schedule (see below).

Refund Schedule

Weeks 1–7

75% of the unused meal/debit charges are refunded.

Weeks 8-14

50% of the unused meal/debit charges are refunded.

Weeks 14-16

There will be no refund.

Any unused balance at the end of the spring semester is forfeited. Refunds will be applied to the account at Student Financial Services.