Global Village Cantina & Grille

Menu and Hours

Salsarita's Daily Specials Menu

All specials include a medium drink.

Mondays: Bare Burrito

Tuesdays: 3 Tacos

Wednesdays: Nachos

Thursdays: Taco salad

Fridays: Pizza

Every day: 2 Tacos w/ chips and salsa


Hissho Sushi Menu

Lunch and Dinner: Sushi hand rolls, sushi made-to-order, various sides and grab-and-go items


About the Global Village Cantina and Grille

The Cantina and Grille is RIT's newest dining experience and is located in Global Village, a new housing and commercial complex with international appeal. Three distinct dining experiences are offered at the Cantina and Grille.

Salsarita's offers freshly prepared made-to-order tacos, burritos, quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, nachos, and salads with fresh ingredients and a variety of salsas and sides. Click to view our menu. A bar serving alcoholic (21 years old and over only) and non-alcoholic beverages is also available.

Global Grille
RIT's Global Grille features cooked-to-order international cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian, European, Korean, and a number of vegetarian specialties prepared on a Mongolian grill using fresh ingredients.

Hissho Sushi
Hissho Sushi serves freshly prepared, made-to-order sushi available during peak hours during the week.