Ask Our Dietitian

Hello! My name is Mary Anne McQuay and I am RIT Dining Services’ registered dietitian.

As a food and nutrition professional, I am committed to helping you eat healthy on campus and assisting you with any special dietary needs and preferences. I encourage you to send me your questions about healthy eating, food choices, ingredients used in foods served on campus and general nutrition inquiries  by e-mailing me at I also welcome all RIT community members to schedule a one-on-one appointment with me for personal nutrition counseling. If you have a food allergy, we strongly encourage you to fill out and submit the online Food Allergy Information Form which is sent directly to Disability Services to capture your dietary needs. Once this information has been captured, I will contact you personally to discuss the right food options available to you in RIT dining locations.

The Smart Nutrition website contains a wealth of general healthy eating information and I encourage you to navigate through the site to learn about RIT Dining Services’ nutritional services and programs. One highlight includes:

  • NetNutrition, your online tool for looking up nutritional information for foods and menu items in many of our dining locations

I look forward to working with you on meeting your healthy eating goals!

Mary Anne McQuay
Registered Dietitian
Office: A144 Student Alumni Union
Phone: 585-475-6502