Vending Services

RIT has 170 vending machines on campus offering a variety of snacks, quick meals, and beverages. For your convenience, all vending machines accept dining dollars, Tiger Bucks, and cash.


Who do I call if I have trouble with a vending machine?

If the machine is malfunctioning and/or you've lost money in the machine, call the Dining Services Office at 585-475-2228. We will immediately place a service call and refund any lost money to you. At your convenience, we ask that you come in to the Dining Services Office in the Student Alumni Union (SAU), room A520 to receive a refund. You may also recieve a refund at  University Services or The Corner Store.


What is the card reader telling me when I use my card?

When you swipe your card, the reader does not know what your selection will be so the cost of the highest priced item is deducted from your account. Once you make your selection, any difference is credited back to your account. The last amount displayed by the reader is the remaining balance on your dining dollars account.


What if I think the vending machine charged my card the wrong amount?

Please call the Dining Services Office at 585-475-2228. We can look up the charges on your account and verify the amount of the purchase. If the machine has made an error, we will place a service call and adjust your account accordingly.