Recycling Electronic Waste

You shouldn’t put electronic waste such as unwanted computer monitors, televisions, or broken electronics in the dumpster. Most monitors and TVs contain around five pounds of lead and other heavy metals which can be extremely hazardous to the environment if they end up in the landfill.

E-waste Recycling Day

SEAL (Student Environmental Action League) in partnership with FMS Recycling holds E-waste Recycling Days throughout the year, where you can drop off your electronic waste in the lobby of the SAU to be recycled. If you have electronic waste, please hang on to it until the next E-waste Recycling Day. Check SEAL’s website for scheduling.

Battery Recycling

To recycle used batteries or to schedule a drop-off of other electronic waste (if it can’t wait for E-waste Recycling Day), call the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 475-2043. All batteries except alkalines (AAA, AA, C, D, 6V, 9V) are accepted for recycling.

Alkaline batteries are not recyclable at RIT at this time, although programs are being looked into. In the mean time, alkalines can be disposed of in the regular trash, or held on to until a recycling program is available.

If you have further questions about electronic waste or battery recycling, feel free to contact the Recycling Administrator at 475-7827 or by email at