Chargeable Services

Chargeable services those that go beyond what is required to maintain the campus's everyday operations. These are services such as elective maintenance, installations, alterations, improvements, renovations, and additions.

  • Elective maintenance - work requested before the normal cycle of regular maintenance (i.e. a request for painting of an office or replacement of floor covering because the occupant prefers a change in color).
  • Alterations, improvements, or additions to structures, equipment (i.e. adding/ changing the location of an electrical outlet to accommodate new office equipment).
  • Changes made necessary by the addition of personnel, reassignment of space, loss or damage of original equipment, or furniture and repair of vehicles due to collision.
  • Repair or maintenance of equipment not considered part of a building or its mechanical systems (i.e. washing and drying equipment used in the Physical Education Department).
  • Costs incurred to support special events for outside groups.
  • Purchase or rental of equipment and supplies in support of student or academic functions.
  • Fabrication and installation of office signs, building directional/informational signs and building directories.
  • Moving of furniture, equipment, and the like on or off the campus, time and equipment capabilities permitting. Arrangements for contracted moving, riggers and storage will be made if necessary.
  • Installation, service and maintenance of security systems.
  • Installation, service and maintenance of special mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic locks or access systems.
  • Installation, service and maintenance of specialized fire suppression systems that are installed to meet departmental requirements.

Departments which have requested areas taken off the Master Keying System bear the responsibility in the event of damage to doors, windows, etc., due to forced entry in responding to active alarms, water problems and other emergencies.