FMS Employee Kudos - August 2018

From: Bill Landers
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem's Team
Thanks so much for helping to shape our guests first impression. Results of your efforts are first to be showcased. Parents and prospective students rave about the facility and how clean it is compared to other schools they visit.  That’s all you, keeping acres of floors clean/polished between all the events and renovations. I understand and appreciate the logistics you experience as our work efforts parallel. Thank you!


From: Joanne Staskiewicz
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem's Team
I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your staff. They worked so hard cleaning the bathroom on the 3rd floor in Eastman. Besides being hard workers they are very friendly. We are thankful for everything they do for us. Kuddos to your team.


From: Meghan McDonald
To: Maureen McGrath
I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much Maureen helped me on move in day. The lobby in NRH was extremely noisy making it difficult to hear new parents and students.
She found extra rugs to put down… It helped so much… Kudos to Maureen….!!!!



From: John Tassone
To: Craig Marsh
Craig – Great job over these past few weeks dealing with everything!  Your attention to detail and communication throughout the wrapping up of the new boiler project and our annual maintenance has been awesome.   Please keep letting me know if you need anything from our end!