FMS Employee Kudos - October 2018

From: Marvin Keller
To: Michael Covington, Lashonda Lovett
I’d like to thank you both for all of your hard work yesterday in the Magic building. First of all, the building looked great. Second, there was a big turn out and everything was running smooth. Great job to the two of you. I was really impressed with that building. Thanks


From: Poonam Sial
To: Lashonda Lovett
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a great job Lashonda is doing! I am so glad we have her here. Prior to her being here the up keep of this floor was hit or miss. I know there were changes, but a lot was not getting done. The 4 other assitants on this floor sing her praises all the time, along with the faculty here in the School of Communication. She is an asset to have, always smiling and pleasant, and goes the extra mile! I just wanted to say thank you for sending her our way, she is truly appreciated and I wanted to let you know, you are lucky to have someone like this on your team!