FMS Employee Kudos - September 2018

From: Ben Willmott
To: Rob Carey
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know about the great job Rob Carey has done for us in Performing Arts. It has been a pleasure working with Rob on our Music Room renovation project in Liberal Arts Hall and we look forward to continuing our projects with him in the SAU. Rob was assigned our project after many months (years?) of discussions and he picked up the ball and ran with it. He has stayed calm and organized throughout the whole process, and ensured that all of the contractors completed their jobs in a timely manner. I really appreciate his communication and responsiveness, being the liaison for Performing Arts, and have felt Rob’s support every step of the way. I am extremely grateful that he was assigned to us as we have had a great time working together. Thanks, Rob!



From: Karen Sterrett
To: Monica Thompson
I wanted to share with you about my experience with your office today and most importantly, the outstanding level customer service I received from Monica (apologies, I didn't get her last name). 
I am the parent of an incoming freshman and have recently learned that our tuition check, delivered to campus on August 15th, has not been received and posted to my son's account. After speaking twice to Student Financial Services and then to the mail room, I was directed to call Shipping and Receiving. Not able to connect with anyone there, I called the general number for Facilities Management and Monica kindly picked up the phone. I explained to her my situation, provided her the information that I had and she took it from there.  She started to follow the trail and determined that the FEDEX letter was delivered to Student Financial Services, called them and spoke to someone in that office.  She even took the initiative to ask them for a target time of when they would get back to me regarding their findings. 
I'm not familiar with your processes, but I believe that Monica went well beyond what is usually expected of someone in her position. Even if it is expected, she did it with grace and kindness. She gave me a sense of relief that I had someone on my side helping me with the process. Living in Viriginia, I was not in a position to come to campus to try and resolve. 
As I've been writing this letter, I have already received a call from Student Financial Services notifying me that they found our check. If it wasn't for Monica, I believe that I would still be trailing through the RIT offices, by phone, with my stress level rising.
Should you have a program for recognizing those who provide outstanding service and/or go above and beyond, I would hope that you would recognize Monica.  Today, she was my Hero!