Non-Chargeable Services

Non-chargeable services are the routine maintenance services required to maintain everyday operations such as clean-ups, snow removal, faucet leaks, toilet problems, lights out, heating and cooling problems, electrical problems, or other general repairs.

The following is a complete listing.

  • Monthly utilities costs required to provide for the environmental and operational requirements of the buildings.
  • Building maintenance defined as the work necessary to preserve the envelope and structure, including roofs, flashings, walls, floors, windows, and doors, where these component parts are constructed, covered, and maintained consistent with Physical Plant and Institute standards.
  • Building mechanical system maintenance and operation including the electrical, plumbing, space heating and cooling, ventilating, fire alarm, steam, electric, gas, water distribution systems, sewerage, emergency generators, walk and roadway lighting, and locksmith services.
  • Custodial functions including cleaning and collection of rubbish. (Specified areas are not included.)
  • Care of the grounds including the maintenance of walks, roads, parking areas, lawns, athletic fields, trees, planting, landscape features, surface and storm drainage, trash removal and snow removal.
  • Preparation and set-up of facilities for special events which are related to student and academic functions.
  • Providing surveys of and revisions to campus site and building existing conditions plans and specifications. Offering FMS staff support during programming and design phases of building projects and FMS staff oversight and administrative assistance during construction work.
  • Maintenance of data pertaining to construction and installation costs of campus projects. Maintenance of building room numbers, exterior building identification and roadway directional signage.
  • On-campus delivery and interim storage of goods received at Building 99 receiving facilities which existing equipment, facilities and personnel are capable of handling.