RIT has a variety of parking permits available for the convenient and efficient parking for the RIT community as a whole. Parking permits issued by the Parking Office are the property of Rochester Institute of Technology. Mutilation or alteration of a permit, the purchase or use of a permit under false pretenses, or the production or use of a counterfeit permit constitutes a violation and will result in prosecution, internal sanctions or referral for disciplinary action to Student Affairs or Human Resources.


Parking Permit Fees

All people who park on RIT’s campus must have a valid parking permit or authorization from RIT Parking & Transportation Services. A valid parking permit must be displayed at all times while parked. Failure to do so will result in a citation. The tables below display the fees associated with each classification of parker at RIT. 



Definition of a Parking Year and Permits Available

Annual permit
Fall Semester, Intersession, Spring Semester, Summer Term.

Semester (semi-annual) Permit – two options:

  1. Fall Semester
    Valid for Fall Semester and Intersession (50% of annual fee)
  2. Spring Semester
    Valid for Spring Semester and Summer Term (50% of annual fee)


Parking Fee by Classification/Subclass

Salary Level 1: Less than $41,000
Salary Level 2: $41,000 - $86,999
Salary Level 3: $87,000 - $129,999
Salary Level 4: $130,000 and above
Motorcycle – Registering in addition to another car
Motorcycle Only
2-person Carpool Permit (also applies to reserve permits)
50% of regular fee
3+ person carpool permit
3-person – 33% of regular fee
4-person – 25% of regular fee
Commuter (including Racquet Club and RIT Inn)
Resident (main campus property)
Designated Resident: Park Point and The Province
(After Hours permit – weekdays after 5 PM and all day weekends)
Part-time Evening/Weekend Student
(After Hours permit – weekdays after 5 PM and all day weekends)
Co-op (if living on campus or coming to campus regularly while on co-op)
Motorcycle Only
(RIT employees NOT included)
Hale Andrews Student Life Center Member
Osher Institute
Rivers Run
Construction Worker
Per contract – park as directed by RIT
Event Parking
Per event agreement


Reserved Parking Prices

Reserved (Single Lot)
Multi-Lot (E, F, J, L, S only)
Frank E. Gannett Hall dock area
R Lot


Reserved Permits

Reserved permits are designed to accommodate RIT commuting employees and students who need to come and go throughout the day, or who wish to park closer to their destination. Reserved parking is in effect 5 AM - 5 PM (Monday through Friday).

Reserved spaces are designated by signs.

Single Lots
Permits purchased for a single lot are valid only in the lot for which they are purchased. Reserved spaces are available as follows: Lots D, E, F, J, L, M, R, S, U, CIMS West, Grace Watson, Kate Gleason, and Sol Heumann Circle.

Valid in Lots E, F, J, L, and S only! Quantities are limited.

* NOTE: There will be a few days throughout the year that a small portion of the U lot will be blocked off for events.

A limited number of spaces are also available in the Gannett (formerly 7B) loading dock. These permits are valid anywhere except designated "Admin" spaces.

Reserved parking permits must be properly displayed on the rear view mirror at all times. Should you forget your permit (e.g. switched cars) and get a ticket, simply contact the Parking Office. The Parking Office will validate your permit and void the citation, assuming this hasn't become a routine occurrence.


Short Term Permits

Short-term permits are available for external vendors and internal service providers to the Institute. Short-term permits are intended to provide readily accessible parking spaces throughout campus for service calls less than two (2) hours in duration. Due to the limited spaces on campus for this use, short-term parking areas are heavily patrolled.

Departmental permits are highly encouraged for Institute groups, and for the shared use by various department members.

Short-term permits can be issued for the entire year or for shorter period of time. There is a $25 program administration fee for each permit. Applicants for this permit must be in good standing with the Parking Office. All parking citations must be paid prior to making application.

To apply, fill out the Short Term Permit - Vendors or the Short Term Permit - Employee application form and forward it to the Parking Office for approval. Once the application is approved, the permit will be mailed unless arrangements have been made for pick up.

The Parking Office does reserve the right to revoke the permit of any permit holder who fails to comply with the intent and purpose of the permit or other parking regulations. A Short Term permit does not guarantee a parking space, nor does it allow the permit holder to park illegally (reserved, handicap, 20-minute, fire lane, etc.) if spaces are not available.


20-Minute Parking Spaces

Available to anyone at any time, no permit required. Flashers must be on and the vehicle may not be parked longer than 20 minutes.

20-Minute spaces are scattered throughout campus in Lots D, F, J, L, M, S, U, Grace Watson Circle, Cross Campus Drive (next to Crossroads), Student Health Center (Bldg. 23A), LBJ Circle, and Nathaniel Rochester Circle. Refer to the Campus Maps for the location near your destination. These spaces are provided as an added convenience to pick up/drop off materials, books, documents, etc. These spaces are highly enforced to ensure turnover for all that need to use them. Enforcement efforts do include electronic tire chalking to validate the time vehicle spent in the space; citation will be issued for time limit violation.


Visitor/Guest Passes

A visitor is any person not formally connected with RIT who has business or other legitimate reason to be on campus. Bona fide visitors are welcome on campus and may park in any designated "visitor space" or other parking space not restricted by signs for other uses (such as reserved parking, short term, Admin spaces, etc.).

All visitors must stop at the Welcome Center to obtain a visitor/guest pass while on campus.


Handicapped Parking Permits

Parking in a handicapped area is permitted only with a valid state-issued handicapped parking permit. The use of a state-issued handicap plate or placard in Institute lots or spaces must be accompanied by an Institute- issued permit (commuter, resident, visitor, short term permits). Commuter students and employees must obtain handicapped permits from their own municipality. Handicapped spaces in the Administration Lot are reserved 24 hours a day for authorized users only as designated by the Parking Office. General handicapped spaces are provided in each lot and meet ADA regulations. Parking in handicapped areas without proper authorization is a serious federal, state and RIT offense. Vehicles will be fined and may be towed at the owner/operator's expense.(Handicapped violations do not qualify for a first ticket warning). The Parking Office does issue temporary handicapped permits for a maximum duration of one week until official permit is obtained from a local municipality. The RIT issued permits are only valid on RIT properties.

To apply, fill out the RIT Handicapped Parking Permit application form and forward it to the Parking Office for approval. Once the application is approved, the permit will be mailed or other arrangements will be made for pick up at the Parking Office.


Contractor Parking

Those involved with construction on the RIT campus must apply for a Construction Parking Permit. Construction permits are available at the Office of Facilities Management Services in Building 99, on Wiltsie Drive, or at the Parking Office. Contractors on campus must adhere to the parking regulations and lot assignment stipulated on the permit issued and are responsible for any parking fines.

To apply, fill out the RIT Contractor Parking Permit application form and forward it to the Facilities Management Services or the Parking Office for approval. Once the application is approved, the permit will be mailed or other arrangements will be made for pick up.


Loading Dock Pass

Parking in a loading dock area is not permitted. Those who need to deliver equipment or products through a loading dock must stop at the Welcome Center or the Parking Office to request a permit.