CPTS Approach and Schedule

The CPTS study approach will be divided into four major phases:

  • Existing Conditions Assessment
    • Parking
    • Pedestrian Circulation
    • Transit
    • Other modes
  • Future Needs Assessment
    • Parking demand/losses
    • Peer review
    • Goals
  • Options and Alternatives
    • Transportation, urban design
    • Pros/Cons, Tradeoffs
    • Multi-level options
  • Final Strategy
    • Components
    • Costs, funding
    • Priorities, Implementation

Each of these phases includes Steering Committee / Stakeholders involvement. RIT community wide meetings scheduled during the Existing Conditions, Options and Alternatives, and Draft Strategy phases of the project will allow for input and feedback opportunities.

The CPTS is on a fast paced schedule in order to allow for community input prior to Summer break. The community meetings are scheduled monthly for March, April and early May. The MAB, Cooper Robertson team along with the Steering Committee will continue to work on the Final Strategy phase during Summer Quarter per the feedback received. Institute leadership review, approval and support will be sought during this time frame. The Final Strategy will be shared with the RIT community through a series of meetings sometime during Fall '08.