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Long Term Installations

Vignelli Center for Design Studies

Ongoing Exhibition - Design: Vignelli

In 1971, Vignelli Associates was founded in New York by Lella and Massimo Vignelli to work in the field of design; from graphic programs to books, magazines, newspapers, transportation design, packaging, product design, furniture design, interiors and exhibition design. 

The Vignelli’s work is displayed in the Benetton Gallery of the new Vignelli Center for Design Studies. Graphic design and product design are featured on the first level, and the furniture design is on the level above.

*Access through University Gallery.
Ongoing Exhibition - Cameras

Ongoing Exhibition - Cameras

"Who would believe so small a space could contain the image of all the universe? O mighty process! …Here the figures, here the colors, here all the images of every part of the universe are contracted to a point."
–Leonardo DaVinci

The camera—through photography, cinema, television, and all manner of today’s digital devices, has shaped modern and contemporary culture. An optical apparatus, the camera is a mechanical extension of human vision. Its omnipresent eye gathers, records and then projects its surroundings onto a flat surface or screen. A union of light and optics, the camera is both object and metaphor for the creation, capture and representation of images. Cameras: Selections from George Eastman House’s Technology Collection explores the camera’s pervasive presence in history, design, and both professional and amateur practice. It embodies the wide spectrum of its use as an agent of invention and imagination; it is also an instrument of human desire. In its users’ hands, the camera frames space and time into potent, consumable subjects of personal and cultural value.

Rochester Institute of Technology is pleased to present Cameras as an exemplar of its continuing collaborative projects with George Eastman House. It underscores a guiding mission of both University and Museum as learning institutions dedicated to furthering knowledge and understanding. Thus, this exhibition highlights a shared aim: to present interpretive displays of cultural consequence, examining the context of technology in the sciences and the arts.

The exhibition Cameras: Selections from George Eastman House’s Technology Collection was realized through the collaborative efforts of George Eastman House and Rochester Institute of Technology. The Museum would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their invaluable contributions to this project:

Dr. Tony Bannon, The Ron and Donna Fielding Director, George Eastman House
Dr. James Watters, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rick Hock and Jen Curtis, RHock Design
Ron Kniffin, Bruce Rankin and Gary Najde, Uniset Corporation
Dr. Therese Mulligan, Administrative Chair, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

On behalf of the Eastman House, it is a pleasure to present many of the superlative artifacts from the Museum’s Technology Collection, recognized as one of the world’s foremost archives dedicated to the preservation, study and display of photographic and cinematographic equipment.

Todd Gustavson
Curator, Technology Collection