Risk Management & Insurance

When to request a Certificate of Insurance and how to obtain it

If you are engaged in college-sanctioned activities off campus at private or municipal property, you will likely be asked to provide proof of college insurance to cover the property owner from property damage and liability caused by the college-sanctioned activity. The certificate of insurance is provided to the municipality or property owner directly from RIT's insurance broker.

If you are a staff or faculty member, you may sometimes borrow or lease a piece of equipment or other property for your teaching, research, or performance. In many such instances, a certificate of insurance will also be required. Physicians' assistants, student professionals in RIT's Nuclear Medicine Technology Assistant and Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs will also need to request for a certificate of insurance.

Be sure to notate whether or not an Additional Insured notation is required on the certificate of insurance. If the third party requests to be named as "Additional Insured" on the certificate of insurance, that clause is added to the document. Such wording serves to add the requesting third party to the insured's policy, which then provides insurance coverage to the person/entity receiving the certificate of insurance. This assures that should any property loss or other liability befall that party as a result of the insured's actions, they will be protected under insured's policy. For example, if RIT’s baseball team is training or playing at a facility out of state, and the facility demands a certificate of insurance naming the facility as "ADDITIONAL INSURED," RIT’s liability insurance carrier would be responsible for property or other losses suffered by the facility as a result of our use.

You can download a Certificate of Insurance Request Form or pick one up at our office. Please allow five business days for processing.